1. Watch the Triblade in Action
  2. Triblade Technology
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  • Watch the Triblade in Action

    Watch the Triblade in Action

    As seen on TV

    The Kenwood Triblade range offers a unique three blade system that delivers powerful, efficient and controllable blending.

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  • Triblade Technology

    Triblade Technology

    The Power of Three

    The three blade system along with the unique foot design makes it 50% more efficient, saving time and effort.

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  • Attachments

    In the box of the Triblade HB724

    View all the attachments that come with the Triblade HB724, including the Masher/Puree attachment.

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Metal wand with triblade (14)

Plastic wand with Triblade (4)

Soup XL accessory (for blending soups directly into the saucepan) (6)

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SureGrip™ handle (11)

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