Week 1 Recipe Challenge - Brioche

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Can be made with these products:


  • 250g Strong white bread flour
  • 3g / 3 pinches Sea salt
  • 30g / 2 tablespoons Sugar
  • 12g / 1 tablespoon Fresh yeast  (Use half the quantity if using dried yeast)
  • 4 Eggs, organic/free-range, medium sized
  • 150g Butter, unsalted, small cubes at room temperature 


Recipe created by Raymond Blanc OBE, Two Michelin-Star Chef, Author and Television Personality

Makes: One loaf       

Prepartion time: 20 minutes, proving time 1.5 hours      

Cooking time: 20-25 minutes                               

Equipment: Kenwood Chef Sense with dough hook attachment, and Loaf tin (26cm x 9cm x 8cm deep)

Raymond Blanc OBE, Michelin-Star Chef, Author and Television Personality


  1. In the bowl of the Kenwood Chef Sense, place the flour, salt, sugar and yeast, keeping the yeast away from the salt as it will damage its ability to ferment. Add the eggs and mix the ingredients with the dough hook attachment for 5 minutes on low power, until the eggs are completely incorporated
  2. Increase to speed 2 for a further 5 minutes until the dough comes away from the edge of the bowl
  3. Add the cubes of butter and continue to mix for 4-5 minutes until completely incorporated
  4. Place the dough onto a tray lined with greaseproof paper. Chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes
  5. Lightly oil the loaf tin, dust with flour and shake out the excess flour
  6. Once the dough has cooled so it is firm enough to handle, turn it out onto a floured work surface and shape into a cylinder that will fit in to the loaf tin. Place it in to the loaf tin, lightly pat down and leave at room temperature for 1 hour until it has doubled in size
  7. Preheat the oven to 200°C. Bake for 20 - 25 minutes
  8. Remove the tin from the oven and slide the brioche onto a cooling rack, and leave to cool.

Recipe © Raymond Blanc 2015

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