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Questions we hear the most

  • The mill jar is missing from my food processor

    Guidance on where to find the mill jar

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  • How does the cord storage work on my food processor?

    Advice on using the cord storage

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  • I am missing the spanner from my Chef or Major

    Advice on the location of the spanner

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  • Why does there seem to be a lot of mixture left on the sides and bottom of the bowl?

    Tool adjustment guidance

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  • The blade unit is missing on my mill jar

    Guidance on where to find the blade unit

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  • I have an older Chef or Major. Where can it be serviced or repaired?

    Older Chef servicing at Havant (Not A701)

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  • Will a hand blender suit my needs?

    Hand blender pre purchase information

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  • Where can I purchase a dust cover for my Chef/Major?

    Accessories purchase advice

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  • Will Triblade HB720 series attachments fit my kMix hand blender?

    Spares and accessories advice

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  • The attachment on my hand blender has become discoloured. What can I do?

    Troubleshooting advice

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