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Season Up – add salt and pepper to help enhance the flavours of the other ingredients

Egg wash – a whisked up egg that is brushed over pastry to help give it a golden crust once cooked

Infuse – To add extra flavours to the cream

Shrinking Back – When cooking, pastry can sometimes get smaller

Roux – A mixture of flour and fat (in this case butter) that is used to thicken a sauce

Creaming – Making the texture of butter and sugar lighter and fluffier

Raising Agent – A substance used in doughs and batters that help them rise

Stoning Plums – Removing the hard stone from the centre of the plum

Stiff Peaks – Achieved by whisking egg whites or double cream to the point where it makes a hard peak that doesn't collapse once you remove the whisk

Root of Onion – The base of the onion, where it grows from

Scalded Milk – Milk that has been heated to almost boiling point

Knob of Butter – a small amount of butter, usually the size of a walnut

Run a Knife Through... - Cut up the herbs

Bringing Dough Together... - Combining all the ingredients into one lump

Wilt Down – Once cooked spinach will shrink and soften

Splitting – When elements of the mixture separate giving a texture like scrambled egg

Cartouche – A greaseproof lining cut to the size of a pan


- Plain Flour – Normal, refined wheat flour, often bleached for colour

- Self Raising Flour – As above, with a raising agent added

- Wholewheat Flour – Less refined wheat flour