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Amanda McCain

After challenging herself to make her own chips, Amanda has decided that she really is a self confessed Disaster Chef.  To clean the potatoes, Amanda decided to use a scouring pad but unfortunately left half of the pad stuck to the potatoes leading her son to comment that his dinner was "hairy". Amanda's dream is to cook a meal for family and friends without being subjected to the giggling and teasing that inevitably always follows. Good luck Amanda!

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Andy Weaver

Andy was nominated for the Disaster Chef competition by his wife, Barbie, who has had nine years of marriage to a hopeless cook. His speciality is sandwiches. Ham cheese and what he thinks is lettuce. Unfortunately for Barbie, it is often green cabbage instead. Even their 8 year old son is often called upon to advise Dad on the different pots and pans in the kitchen. Andy would love to be able to cook, his dream is to make the perfect Sunday roast for his long suffering family!

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Annabelle Bezant

Fussy eater Anabelle has tried in vain to cook for herself, friends and family in the past, but can’t even toast bread without burning it! Annabelle’s worst cooking disaster was her attempt at cooking a simple spaghetti bolognese. After closely following the recipe, she realised she had used a pot of strawberry jam instead of tomato sauce - and even though she tasted it, still served it to her horrified family. She has been banned from the kitchen ever since - Annabelle is hoping that Kenwood can help get her back in the kitchen for good!

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Gemma Blake

Creative mum Gemma Blake wrote a wonderful poem about her poor cooking skills to convince us that she deserves a place in the final twelve. Gemma’s worst cooking disaster led to a whole building having to be evacuated, after she tried to make some sausage sandwiches for her flatmates and ended up setting the grill on fire! Gemma is hoping Kenwood can rescue her from another cooking disaster!

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Hayley Robinson

Husband Dave and son Jacob get a look of fear when Disaster Chef Hayley says she’s going to cook dinner. From burning pizzas to ready mix pancakes coming out like scrambled eggs – you name it, Hayley has probably destroyed it! Her worst attempt was while at work. Thinking she’d cook herself a microwave lasagne, she left it in for 20 minutes only realising when the smoke alarm went off. Needless to say the lasagne was inedible, and it took three days to get rid of the burnt smell from the office!!

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Jade Fuller

Jade lives with her partner of four years and is living off of takeaways because of her failed culinary attempts. She would love to cook a meal for all of the family members that have prepared delicious dinners for her, but at the moment she struggles to pull together even simple scrambled eggs on toast. Let's hope Kenwood can help her on her way to being a hero in the kitchen!!

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Katie Ellison

Katie is a keen foodie but unfortunately as much effort as she puts in, she doesn't seem to be getting the results. With a young baby to look after, Katie is keen to master her cooking demons and relieve her husband from all of the kitchen duties. Her latest cooking disaster saw her ruin a jacket potato and burn the mince for the filling - even though she was following a recipe!

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Kirsty Pulsakowska

Self-confessed Disaster Chef, Kirsty, was nominated by her mum as she thinks now is the time for Kirsty to conquer her kitchen phobia. Enthusiastic Kirsty has had numerous kitchen disasters in the last few years, which include not only her burning a salad, but also attempting to cook a steak and kidney pie with steak flavoured crisps and kidney beans - that at least gets top marks for creativity!

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 Mark McClean

"Legendary" Disaster Chef, Mark McClean, drives his family around the bend with his kitchen disasters. Despite bags of enthusiasm, poor Mark just can't quite get it right and often finds his confidence knocked back. He's now ready to take on the challenge and prove to his family he's got what it takes to become a culinary master.

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Sally Lloyd-Jones

Sally has a wealth of culinary mishaps to make her worthy of being a Disaster Chef. She once tried to grill an egg. An attempt to make jam cost her £300 - she panicked when the jam boiled over onto her hob, moved it to her kitchen worktop and burnt the surface. Her worst attempt was with a bread pudding. Popping it into the top oven of the Aga, Sally happily busied herself with other things. Unfortunately, she was so busy she forgot about the pudding, for two whole days! The solid mass of charcoal the pudding became though did make a great Frisbee for her nephew and his friend!

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Tara Syed

Tara does try to cook, she just can’t quite seem to get the hang of it. Seasoning confuses her and so anything she cooks (that isn’t burnt or still raw) tastes the same. Timing is also a problem. Unfortunately her impatience takes over, and thinking food cooks quicker by turning up the temperature has resulted in some burnt offerings for her friends and family.  The worst result being some chapattis she cooked with frozen turkey mince. Apparently rather than eat them, when Tara’s back was turned the chapattis were thrown out the window!

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Tim Marsh

Tim was nominated for Kenwood's Disaster Chef by his partner Katy, who (despite his protests) thinks he needs some serious help in the kitchen. From watery Fajitas and undercooked omelettes to liquidised cheesecake the colour of grey sludge - Tim's enthusiastic attempts at being the next Heston Blumenthal are leaving much to be desired. Luckily for Tim and Katy, Kenwood is here to the rescue!

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