Share your idea

 Do you have an idea you'd like to share

Necessity is the mother of invention and although we have many clever and able engineers and marketers, we do not necessarily spot ALL the excellent ideas associated with day to day life in the kitchen.

KENWOOD would like to hear from inventors or anyone who believes they have a genuine idea or invention.

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What do I do next?

Simply download the Confidential Disclosure Agreement Form form and return as instructed below. Upon receipt of the form we will then be in touch to start discussing your ideas.

If you are not an inventor but feel you would like to make a suggestion that would improve our products please let us know via this email link.

Instructions to complete the Confidential Disclosure Agreement form.

1. Download the pdf file.
2. Print two (2) copies and complete the following highlighted areas on both copies.
3. Date (at the very top of the document).

Schedule 1 - Please enter your details, name address, post code and contact telephone number.

Schedule 3 – Please provide a brief description of the “invention” including any patent numbers – for example “kettle with quicker boiling” or “new attachment for kitchen machine” etc. Please for your own commercial safety do not be too specific.

Sign page 7 (the very end of the document) and get someone to witness your signature.

4. Scan them and email them back OR put them in the post.
5. Both copies will be signed by KENWOOD and one copy returned to you.
6. Once you have acknowledged receipt of your copy we are free to discuss.