Kitchen Machines

About the Kenwood Kitchen Machine range

The Kenwood Stand Mixer range offers total versatility with a choice of stand  mixers to suit your requirements, combining traditional Kenwood performance and value with all the contemporary features you'd expect from a 21st century kitchen machine.

The Kenwood range of Stand Mixers includes the Cooking Chef, Chef and Major, kMix and Prospero.

Attachment compatibility

Please see our attachment compatibility chart to see which of our attachments fit your machine.

  • Chef Mixers

    Chef Sense

    Chef Sense puts the control and choice in your hands. Our intelligent new electronic ‘sense’ control is simple and stylish. With five...

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  • Chef Sense Attachments

    Chef Sense Attachments

    Chef Sense comes with five dedicated bowl tools and over 20 optional attachments, including a glass blender; food processor; food grinder...

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  • Multi One

     Kenwood MultiOne

    When it comes to food prep, the Kenwood MultiOne really is a handy solution for everything. Slice, chop and grate with the food processor...

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  • Cooking Chef

    Cooking Chef - KM080

    The Kenwood Cooking Chef Food Mixer adds a revolutionary new dimension to the art of cooking. The Cooking Chef incorporates induction...

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  • Chef and Major

    Kenwood Australia Chef and Major Food Mixer and Stand Mixer Listing

    Titanium Chef and Major Food Mixers are the best stand mixers by Kenwood, our design and construction expertise is second to none....

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  • kMix

    kenwood kmix stand mixers

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  • Prospero

    Kenwood Australia Prospero Food Mixer Listing

    If you're short of space or just starting out, you'll need a small and simple Food Mixer like Prospero that does it all.

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  • Patissier

    Patissier Food Mixer

    Looking for an everyday mixer to add a touch of style and inspiration to your baking? Great retro colours and clean, simple efficiency...

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  • Attachments

    Chef and Major Stand Mixer Kitchen Machine Attachments Kenwood Australia

    All the attachments you'll need for your Chef and Major Stand Mixers from food processors to pasta rollers / cutters and dessert makers.

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  • kMix Attachments

    kMix Attachments

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