Chicken Liver Parfait Recipe

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This is a classic from the restaurants of the 90's. It's really quite easy to make and can take the pressure away from the dinner party as it should be made the day before and stored in the fridge.

Serves: 4-6 (loaf tin)

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 40 minutes


  1. Attach the knife blade to the food processor.
  2. Add the shallots and garlic and chop.
  3. Heat the butter in a saucepan and cook the shallots and garlic until soft.
  4. Add the mace and paprika and cook for a minute.
  5. Add the cognac and sherry, bring to the boil, and then ignite the liquid to burn off the alcohol.
  6. Take off the heat and allow to cool to room temperature.
  7. Take the loaf tin (22cm x 13cm loaf tin or terrine mould) and line it with cling film.
  8. Place all the ingredients (including the eggs, liver and cream) into the liquidiser and process to a smooth purée.
  9. Strain the liquid through a sieve into the prepared loaf tin.
  10. Place a roasting tray into the oven and half fill with warm water.
  11. Place the loaf tin into the roasting tray.
  12. Cook for 40 minutes, or until when you gently shake the terrine it wobbles like a jelly.
  13. Carefully remove the terrine from the water and leave on the work surface to cool for 30 minutes.
  14. Cover the terrine with cling film and reserve in the fridge until cool for at least 12 hours.
Serving suggestion

  1. Turn the terrine out onto a chopping board - to do this place the terrine into a basin / sink of hot water for 30 seconds to loosen it.
  2. Cut the terrine into portions just before serving, otherwise the terrine will oxidise. To do this place a knife into a jug of hot water then wipe and slice.
  3. Serve with a small salad of lamb’s leaves, sliced and toasted brioche and a good onion chutney.

Chef's tips: Roll out a piece of cling film and place it onto a work surface. Then roll another piece on top of this and smooth it down with a kitchen cloth. Place a few teaspoons of water into the cooking vessel, swirl it around and then tip it out (this will help the cling film to stick to the cooking vessel).

Nguyên liệu

30g shallots
3 garlic cloves
30g butter
1 ½ tsp paprika 
1 ½ tsp mace 
45g sherry 
2 egg
3 tsp salt 
3 tsp ground black pepper
45g cognac
750g chicken livers
100ml whipping cream 

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