kMix Hand Blender HB873

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  • Variable Speed Plus Turbo Boost Button

    Variable Speed Plus Turbo Boost Button

    For precise control when and where you need it. With an extra boost for even smoother blends.

  • 3 Blade Technology

    3 Blade Technology

    The Kenwood Triblade system is the first hand blender to use 3 blades providing super fast and efficient blending. The blades are also angled to sweep through 3 different paths providing 3 levels of cutting per rotation.

  • Die-cast aluminium body

    Die-cast aluminium body

    High quality die-cast aluminium body and durable stainless steel blades for exceptional results time after time.

  • 700 Watt Motor

    700 Watt Motor

    Triblade has a 700 watt motor to provide extra power enabling it to blend a variety of different foods and can operate several attachments.

  • Unique Foot Design

    Unique Foot Design

    All the Triblade accessories have been specifically designed for faster, quicker and easier results.
    The blending foot has 6 blending ribs to break up the vortex so the liquids bounce off the sides and back onto the blades maximising performance. Splashing is also reduced due to the smaller castellated exit paths

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