Meet the Disaster Chef Judges

We’re excited to introduce our judges, who have created the recipes for this year’s Disaster Chef campaign and will be teaching the contestants all the basic kitchen skills in their weekly tutorial videos:

Raymond BlancRaymond Blanc OBE, Michelin-Star Chef, Author and Television Personality, comments: “Gastronomy is all about creating new tastes, learning new skills and experimenting. It’s exactly what we’re doing with the Kenwood Disaster Chef Competition - helping less confident British chefs connect with food. We want to equip beginners with the basic tools for cooking and watch them build upon these skills to create delicious dishes. My own curiosity to learn about food began when my father gifted me a calendar and foraging map for my tenth birthday, I have not stopped foraging for new flavour combinations or cooking skills since and understand the magic of food.”






Miranda Gore BrownMiranda Gore Browne , Author and Great British Bake Off Finalist, comments: “The Kenwood Disaster Chef competition is such a great opportunity for aspiring cooks to develop their cooking skills and grow in confidence in the kitchen. When it comes to baking, the options are endless – I’m constantly picking up new techniques and experimenting with different flavours – the important thing is to have fun and simply give it a go. Whether you’re taking part in the competition itself or following the contestants’ progress and recipe videos at home, we hope you enjoy the Disaster Chef journey and pick up a tip or two along the way.”


Martin JohnsMartin Johns , Kenwood Development Chef comments: “The Kenwood Disaster Chef competition is now in its fourth year and the campaign continues to help novices with a passion for cooking, develop their culinary skills. At Kenwood we hope to show that with the right equipment and training even the most inexperienced chefs can feel more at ease in the kitchen. With the help of video recipe tutorials and the iconic Kenwood Chef Sense, we look forward to watching the contestants’ skills develop week by week – with a few fun stories along the way.”