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Week 4

Stacey - Week 4

Sunblush Tomato Bread

The Sun Rises in the Oven!

Stacey 4 L
Ah dough!  We've done this before! Or so I thought but NOPE, it's different again! There was also no video by Ben Ebbrell to guide us this week so I was flying blind, heaven help us!

This time there's no oil in the mix and all the ingredients go in the bread, not on top of it.

Having never made bread before, I followed the recipe to the letter, word by word, trying to take my time whilst trying to fit it in before I got married! That made for an interesting weekend as everyone thought I was crazy but a great laugh for doing it.

Chopping all the ingredients smelt amazing and it was fascinating once again to watch the Kenwood Chef Dough Hook at work, making the dough turn golden as I added the chopped sun blush tomatoes, garlic and rosemary.  It's a super clever kitchen tool. My dough got a little sticky so putting it on the tray was fun. It was mostly stuck to my fingers no matter how much flour I used. Less oil and tomatoes for next time I think. Once the bread rolls were cooked (which I totally did NOT forget about whilst on the phone organising last minute wedding stuff), they came out beautifully to my surprise and the tap test on the bottom said it all. The rolls tasted sweet, soft and smelt divine and were especially lovely when warm with butter. Thank you Kenwood - this recipe is a total keeper as the ingredients go deliciously together!

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Week 3

Stacey - Week 3

Vegetarian Pizza

Dough! It’s pizza of course!

Stacey L

Having made dough once before I was glad that the Kenwood Chef took all the work out of it. I still find it challenging though. 

I did the yeast first and forgot how much it smells. I left it for ten minutes in the water with the sugar.  I invested in some new digital scales to help me measure my ingredients better and they are sooo good! I weighed the flour and added the olive oil and salt and then I attached the Kenwood Dough Hook, which was very easy to do. I gradually added the yeast mixture as my dough took shape. I was so impressed with the Kenwood Chef, as it works beautifully and my dough looked great. It felt a little too soft – perhaps I added too much yeast to begin with, so I had to be very careful with it.

Stacey P

I was so impressed with the Kenwood Chef as it works beautifully and my dough looked great.

Whilst it settled for an hour, as Ben Ebbrell instructed, I chopped the pepper, red onion (that's red, not the white one I tried to use first! Oops!), garlic, tomatoes and mozzarella. The tomato sauce smelt delicious as it cooked and the toppings looked so colourful and tasty that not all of the veg quite made it as far as the pizza! As I don’t have a pizza tray, I went rustic style as I rolled out the dough. It came out of the oven looking great and tasted lovely.

I feel I have learnt a lot more about dough thanks to Ben and Kenwood. I will look forward to trying again with the remaining mix!

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week 2

Stacey - Week 2

Eton Mess

Eton Mess? Delicious I confess!

Stacey 1

I wanted to eat my creation BEFORE I finished it!! Mmmmm!

I needed all the help that Ben Ebbrell and the Kenwood Chef could give me on this one, as I had never attempted meringue before. Separating the egg white seemed easy but they are slippery things and almost got away from me.

Into the Kenwood Chef they went and I whisked them until ‘peaky’. They took about 20 seconds longer than I expected but soon I was daring enough to hold the bowl over my head! Amazingly nothing fell out, so in went the caster and icing sugar. Sadly I forgot what Ben said and didn’t close the air flap on the Kenwood Chef so, a few icing dust clouds later, I had successfully sugared the kitchen.

Stacey 2Oven set to 125 degrees, I put my blobs of meringue mixture on the baking tray and even had a little fun experimenting with different shapes. I was amazed at how far the mixture can go. With the tea towel in the corner of the oven door, I cooked them for two hours then left them to cool. The anticipation was killing me and I was very tempted to take a peek early but I resisted. On taking them out of the oven, they sadly looked a little brown but were perfectly crumbly and very tasty.

I whisked up the cream, icing sugar and vanilla extract until it looked soft but with a bit of texture, then added my chopped strawberries. It all looked lovely with a dash of colour and, after crumbling into a bowl to serve, I couldn’t wait to try it and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

I had great fun making this, made a mess and what a guilty pleasure! I hope to perfect the whiteness next time I try.

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  1. Stacey's cooking ability and kitchen dyspraxia has not been inherited from me. It is entirely her own genius.

    Posted: 25/07/2013 13:41:40 / Mac McCoig

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Week 1

Stacey - Week 1

Spicy cheese and pepperoni slice

Spicy Cheese and Pepperoni Slice of Heaven
Decided to tackle my first attempt the old fashioned way, by hand, so I could really get stuck in! Using the tutorial video on the Kenwood website, I tackled the pastry first. After measuring the flour, cubed butter and seasoning, I blended them together until they were like breadcrumbs. The next task was to add 90ml of water, worried I wasn’t adding enough I was tempted to add more (my usual downfall) but I trusted the recipe. I then kneaded the dough and left it to rest in the fridge.


I chopped the pepperoni, cheddar cheese, mozzarella and spring onions nice and small and then blended them all together. The colours were wonderful and my kitchen smelt lovely!

Once out of the fridge, I rolled out the pastry and cut into rectangles, brushed with egg (minus stray bits of shell!) and loaded up the filling. Then I popped the other pastry rectangle on top, not forgetting to bush with egg and poke in the air hole. They looked great!

After being in the oven for 30 minutes I then realised the oven was too hot and they were as hard as bricks, oops!

After paying attention on my second attempt, (I won’t be beaten) and adjusting the temperature for a fan oven, they came out perfectly.

After trial and error I got a good end result. They tasted delicious and I feel I have learnt a lot already. It has been a challenging skill but great to learn.

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  1. The first batch we're a little hard but after perseverance the second batch were ace...really tasty. Keep going as the results have already paid off.

    Posted: 24/07/2013 20:05:24 / Emma Armitage

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Stacey McCoig

Accidental pyromaniac Stacey has set fire to half of her kitchen equipment due to her awful cooking ability. Whether it’s forgetting to add vital ingredients to dishes such as beef to a beef casserole or setting fire to tea towels, Stacey has lost almost all hope of ever being a chef or at least being able to cook without calling out the fire brigade.

Stacey’s biggest culinary disaster so far should probably come with a health and safety warning as she managed to melt the shopping carrier bag full of ingredients to the bottom of a bowl she helpfully left on a powered electric hob.  The great thing here was that she eventually noticed the smell and managed to scrape the plastic off – while allowing the rest of the ingredients to continue to heat on the hob and eventually explode across the kitchen.