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    Britain has witnessed a dazzling gastronomic revolution in the past couple of decades. Our increasingly diverse society, as well as our position on the planet - with easy travel access to every continent on the globe - has precipitated a richly woven tapestry of food culture that could be the envy of the world. Britain’s reputation for great food is attracting people from far and wide to experience not only our own rejuvenated culinary heritage, but also the staggering array of foods available here that are inspired by cultures abroad.

    As a well-established British brand, Kenwood has embraced this rapidly developing fascination with food for the home cook. You’re never far from grabbing a spice-laden Indian takeaway or Middle Eastern falafel, but increasingly, adventurous British cooks are taking the challenge to make these international classics at home. So that’s why we’ve created this collection of the 80 greatest global culinary creations, including some of our very own world-class dishes, of course.

  • We called on six leading lights on the British culinary scene with mixed backgrounds and knowledge to elect and compile this definitive list. Every corner of the globe is represented here. Join us on this edible odyssey from North America’s Poutine to South America’s sweetcorn ice cream; from our own Jam Roly Poly through Europe to Italy’s Tiramisu (with a Mauritian twist!). Travel from North Africa’s Lamb Tagine and The Middle East’s falafel through Asia’s momos and kimchi to Australasia’s Pavlova and mainland Africa’s Bobotie and Jollof Rice. We have recipes for over half plus plenty of info on how to discover our Top 80.

     You don’t even need to leave your armchair to take this cross-continental gastronomic journey. But if you really want to start exploring, you’ve got all you need right here to experience some familiar and exotic flavours in the comfort of your own kitchen or out in the streets of your very own United Kingdom. Enjoy!

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