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Espremedores de citrinos

Citrus Juicer JE280A


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Juice all manner of citrus fruits with this compact jucier. 40W of power juices directly into a 1L measuring cup, which can then go straight to your glass with the easy pour spout.


Designed to extract as much juice as possible, freshly prepared has never been easier or quicker. What's more, you can measure the amount of juice you need in the 1L juice container with a pouring lip for mess free serving.


Juice container
Juice container Juice directly into the 1L juice container with measures and a pouring lip.
Powerful motor
Powerful motor 40W of power quickly juices your citrus fruits using two way rotation to squeeze every last drop.
Filtered juice
Filtered juice The plastic filter holds any pulp or seeds so you only get the smoothest juice that's ready to drink.