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FAQs Toasters

  • Can I cancel my toast at any time?

    Yes you can, just press the cancel button.
  • Can I cook toasties in my toaster (Toastie bags)?

    Normally you can not but with the Kenwood Virtu toaster you can do it.
  • Can I toast bagels or other bread types?

    Yes you can toast bagels (some of our toaster have bagel feature) and other bread types.
  • How do I clean my toaster?

    Before cleaning make sure you have unplugged your toaster and let it cool down. Then slide out the crumb tray clean it and then replace and try to do this regularly. Wipe the outside of the toaster with a damp cloth, and then dry.
  • Como funciona o sistema Peek & View?

    O sistema Peek & View permite-lhe visualizar o estado da tostagem sem interromper o ciclo. 

  • What bread can I put in my toaster?

    It is better to use slices of bread and dry/stale bread toasts more quickly than fresh bread and thinly sliced bread toasts more quickly than thickly sliced bread.
  • What does the de-frost button do?

    The de-frost button allows you to de-frost your bread.
  • What is a removable crumb tray?

    It is a tray at the bottom of the toast that you can remove, clean and then replace.
  • What is browning control?

    The browning control allows you to choose how much you want your bread toasted.

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