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PRO 1400 Food Mincer


Product details

There is so much more to the versatile Pro 1400 food mincer than simply grinding meat. Ideal for use with fish, nuts, tomatoes and even making breadcrumbs, it's a valuable addition to any cooks' kitchen.


A range of in pack accessories add to the versatility of this appliance. Homemade sausages and delicious spiced kebbe are within your repertoire, along with fishcakes, and delicous fresh tomato based sauces.

Key Features

Fast and efficent
Fast and efficent Able to mince up to 1.8kg of ingredients in 60 seconds, the Pro 1400 food mincer is ideal for cooking for larger families and for those who prefer to batch cook with larger quanities.
Powerful mincing
Powerful mincing With 1400W of power, this mincer provides all of the performance generations of cooks have come to expect from their Kenwood.
Ingredients prepped your way
Ingredients prepped your way The durable solid metal feed tube, scroll and cutter make easy work of a variety of ingredients. Perfectly preparing fine, medium and course minces depending upon your requirements and the screens used.



Coarse mincing screen: Yes
Kebbe maker accessory: Yes
Sausage maker accessory: Yes
Mincing screen size (cm): 8
Medium mincing screen: Yes
Fine mincing screen: Yes

general specifications

Body material: Plastic
Weight (kg): 3.8
Size (LxWxH) (cm): 26.5 x 21 x 33
Colour: White
Hopper material: Plastic


Reverse function: Yes


Meat minced per min (kg): 1.5kg


Non slip feet: Yes
Accessory storage: Yes
Cord storage: Yes
Pusher: Yes
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PRO 1400 Food Mincer

PRO 1400 Food Mincer

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