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Making juices with the juice extractor attachment

From pasta rollers to blenders, grinders to juicers, our extensive range of stand mixer attachments are designed to help you get even more from your machine. With over 25 versatile attachments available, almost any food prep task can be performed more quickly and efficiently using your stand mixer.
Enjoy all the nutrient-packed goodness of fresh fruit and veg with the juice extractor attachment.

Fitting to your stand mixer’s high-speed outlet, this easy-to-use attachment turns your fruit and veg into deliciously refreshing homemade juices, with minimal prep and hassle.

Working quickly and efficiently, the juice extractor attachment captures all the good stuff without making lots of mess, with the capacity to make enough juice so that the whole family can get their daily vitamin boost. 


Using the juice extractor attachment

Before you start, you will need to de-stone fruits like peaches or plums and remove tough skins from foods like melons and pineapples. If you’re using citrus fruit like oranges or limes, peel and remove the white pith, as this can make the juice bitter. Soft-skinned fruit or veg like carrots, apples or strawberries just need to be washed before use.

Assemble your attachment and fit it to the high-speed outlet. Place your ingredients in the attachment’s feed tube and simply push down using the pusher. The tube is wide enough to fit a whole apple, and all the juice is collected in a generous 1L capacity jug, which includes a foam filter to prevent any froth gathering on the top of your juice.


Making juices

When it comes to juicing, pretty much anything goes, which makes it a great way to use up any leftover fruit and veg- such as apples, grapes, tomatoes, clementines, pears and celery. And because there is no need to spend time peeling, coring or de-seeding all your ingredients ready for juicing, you can concentrate instead on thinking up endless flavour combinations.

Try waking up with a refreshing melon, cucumber and lime juice. Carrot, orange and pineapple also work well together, delivering a concentrated vitamin C hit with natural sweetness. Cucumber, apple and spinach is another nutrient-rich combination that is guaranteed to super-charge your day.

The juice extractor attachment is just one of over 25 attachments available to help you get even more from your stand mixer.

From turning fruit and vegetables into healthy noodles and ribbons with the spiralizer to grinding spices for sauces, dressings and dips with the mini chopper/mill, there’s no limit to what you and your Kenwood stand mixer can do. Explore the full range here.