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Useful food preparation attachments for stand mixers

With our extensive range of innovative attachments, your stand mixer can do so much more than whisking, kneading, creaming and mixing.

Your stand mixer can make light work of countless everyday food prep tasks, saving you time and effort so you can focus on being creative in the kitchen. There are attachments that can slice, chop, blend, purée, grind- even make ice-cream.

We’ve put together a guide to a few of the most useful attachments to help speed up food prep – simply choose the attachments that suit your needs and open up a world of possibility.


Mini chopper attachment

COMPACT_CHOPPER_12960KENWOOD_1584x1200.jpg COMPACT_CHOPPER_12960KENWOOD_1584x1200.jpg
Small it may be, but don’t be fooled- the versatile mini chopper/mill attachment is something of a food prep powerhouse. Use it to finely chop fresh herbs, onion, garlic, ginger or chilli to make dips, sauces, marinades, dressings and garnishes, or grind hard spices in mere seconds, ready to add to homemade curries. It’s also perfect for grinding coffee beans.

Working from your stand mixer’s high-speed outlet, the attachment comes with three handy jars for storing your freshly prepared ingredients.

Food mincer attachment

Use the multi-purpose food mincer attachment to create everything from homemade sausages, burgers and meatballs to vegetarian dumplings and falafel, or even a tasty tomato sauce.

With a durable all-metal body and scroll, the food mincer attachment comes with a choice of three mincing screens for creating fine, medium or coarse textures, along with an easy-to-fit sausage and kebbe maker.

Grain mill attachment

AT941_Grain_Mill_Lentil-Pasta_1584x1200.jpg AT941_Grain_Mill_Lentil-Pasta_1584x1200.jpg
The grain mill attachment allows you to grind a variety of grains and pulses to create your own natural or gluten-free flours. Experiment with different ingredients like lentils and chickpeas to make alternative flours to use in baking, for pasta doughs, to make corn tacos or these deliciously crispy onion bhajis.

Easy to assemble and use, the attachment can mill up to 1kg of flour in just 10 minutes, with the adjustable grinder settings allowing you to mill your ingredients to your required texture, from coarse to very fine.

Food processor attachment

The generous 1.2L capacity food processor attachment is ideal for when you’re prepping food for a crowd, or batch-cooking. With a sharp stainless steel knife blade, 6-in-1 adjustable slicing disc for precision slicing from extra fine to thick and Express Dice™ system for speedy dicing, making crudités and cutting fries, this versatile attachment really is an all-round food prep hero.

Save yourself time and energy as you use it to slice, grate, chop, dice and purée, with consistent, evenly-sized results. It’s great for prepping vegetables for a tasty stir fry or ingredients for a pasta sauce, whizzing up a quick batch of homemade pesto or even making these gorgeously fudgy courgette brownies.

Frozen dessert maker attachment

You don’t need a separate ice-cream maker to make your own ice cream, sorbet or frozen yoghurt. Sitting snugly inside your stand mixer bowl, the frozen dessert maker attachment can make up to 1 litre of frozen dessert in just 30 minutes, and it really couldn’t be easier to use.

This refreshingly zesty lemon meringue ice cream is super simple to make and is the perfect summer party crowd pleaser. Experiment with different ingredients to create bespoke flavours or use the attachment to make your own low-sugar or free-from treats.

With over 25 versatile, high-performance attachments available, almost any food prep task can be made easier with your stand mixer.

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