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Getting the most out of the Kenwood blender attachment

Use your stand mixer to blend up a nutritious smoothie, some wholesome soup or delicious dips with the Thermoresist™ glass blender attachment . This multi-functional attachment is destined to become your go-to, enabling you to turn tasty ingredients into incredible dishes and drinks in no time. Find out just how much it can do and get inspired by some of our favourite recipes.


What can I do with the blender attachment?

When it comes to using a blender, most of us think of making delicious soups and smoothies. And while your stand mixer’s blender attachment is perfect for making both, with this versatile attachment that really is just the beginning.

Use it to quickly blitz hot or cold ingredients to make sauces, dips, spreads, nut butters, baby food, milkshakes, cocktails- even desserts. It’s quick and easy to use, and after you’re done, it’s just as easy to clean. Apart from the blade unit, all parts are safe to go in the dishwasher.

A multi-use attachment

BLENDER_12960KENWOOD_1584x1200ThermoResist-Glass-Blender_KAH358GL.jpg BLENDER_12960KENWOOD_1584x1200ThermoResist-Glass-Blender_KAH358GL.jpg
Working from your machine’s high-speed outlet and with its unique Blend X multizone blades for superior blending, the blender attachment will save you time and energy as you use it to effortlessly blend endless creations.

The generously sized 1.6L jug is made from temperature resistant glass, allowing you to blend even piping hot ingredients straight from the pan or crush ice for smoothies or cocktails, with no risk of clouding or shattering. Your stand mixer’s variable speed control means you are in complete control of consistency, while the accompanying stir stick comes in handy to prevent any clogging when processing thicker mixtures like smoothies, chunky soups or dips.

To use, simply place your ingredients in the goblet and blend at the required speed until you have achieved your desired consistency. The attachment’s instruction manual provides some helpful guidance on recommended blending speeds and times for different ingredients.

Recipe inspiration

BLENDER_12960KENWOOD_1584x1200.jpg BLENDER_12960KENWOOD_1584x1200.jpg
Use your blender attachment to blitz the cooked ingredients for this nourishing sweet potato and orange soup straight from the pan, or for a refreshing alternative to a smoothie, you can’t beat this mango lassi. Made with mango, yoghurt, milk and a touch of cardamom, it's the perfect drink to cool off with on a warm day.

If you love using almond milk in your porridge or hot drinks, why not use your blender attachment to make your own? All you need is almonds and water, so it’s much more cost-effective than buying it ready-made. You can even use your blender attachment to make your own nut butters, like this deliciously creamy peanut butter, which takes just a handful of basic ingredients and 20 minutes to make.
The blender attachment is just one of an extensive range of versatile attachments that are designed to help you do even more with your stand mixer. Whether you need to chop, grate, juice, mince or mill, just choose the attachments that meet your needs and with one machine, you can do it all.

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