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What are the best stand mixer attachments for preparing vegetables?

Whether you’re prepping for a mass batch-cooking session or trying to get a quick mid-week meal on the table, we have a selection of innovative stand mixer attachments that will help you to effortlessly whizz through various everyday veg prep tasks.

From the continuous slicer/grater which works non-stop to prep unlimited quantities, to the spiralizer which transforms your five-a-day into ribbons and noodles, these attachments will save you time and effort as they produce consistent results for everything from salsas and sauces to stews and stir fries.


Continuous slicer/grater attachment

VEGAN_POKE_BOWL_KENWOOD13853_1584x1200.jpg VEGAN_POKE_BOWL_KENWOOD13853_1584x1200.jpg
Prep large quantities of various vegetables with ease using the powerful continuous slicer/grater attachment. Seven stainless steel cutting plates enable you to slice, grate and julienne non-stop straight into a bowl of your choice, so you’re not limited by capacity.

Use it to cut perfect French fries, prep ingredients for a warming ratatouille or produce consistently sized ingredients for a beautifully presented poke bowl.

Spiralizer attachment

Find new and interesting ways to up your daily veg intake as you use the spiralizer attachment to turn vegetables like carrots or courgettes into deliciously healthy noodles and ribbons.

The attachment includes five stainless steel blades to create different shapes, from pappardelle and linguine to crinkle cut noodles. Use it to add some colour and crunch to salads, stir fries or spring rolls, or try serving courgette spaghetti with your favourite sauce as a tasty, low carb alternative to pasta.

Dicing attachment

Quickly dice vegetables like potatoes, carrots, onions and courgettes into evenly-sized 1cm cubes with the dicing attachment.

With its durable stainless steel slicing disc and grid, use it when you’re preparing vegetables for a chopped salad, salsa or a stew.

Food processor attachment

FOOD_PROCESSOR_12960KENWOOD_1584x1200.jpg FOOD_PROCESSOR_12960KENWOOD_1584x1200.jpg
Use the multi-purpose food processor attachment to slice, grate, chop, dice and purée vegetables for stir fries, salads, sauces, stews and dips.

As well as a stainless steel knife blade, the attachment includes a 6-in-1 adjustable slicing disc for extra fine to thick slicing, fine and coarse grating and dicing. Prepping to feed a crowd? The generous 1.2L bowl allows you to process large quantities in one go.

Roto food cutter attachment

ROTO_FOOD_CUTTER_KAX643ME_1584x1200.jpg ROTO_FOOD_CUTTER_KAX643ME_1584x1200.jpg
Effortlessly shred, slice or rasp vegetables with the roto food cutter attachment. Ideal for using with harder vegetables like carrots or courgettes, this slow-speed attachment has 5 stainless steel drums of varying sizes so you can prep your vegetables as finely or coarsely as you need them.

Use it to whizz through the prep for dishes like coleslaws, gratins, bhajis or courgette fritters.

With a range of over 25 versatile attachments available, almost any kitchen prep task can be made easier with your stand mixer.

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