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Which attachments can I use with the Kenwood Chef range?

Combining a powerful motor with innovative features, your Kenwood Chef stand mixer is designed to help you take on any kitchen challenge. This versatility is enhanced by our extensive range of optional Chef attachments, giving you the flexibility to grow your mixer’s capabilities to suit your needs.

Here’s a brief guide to just four of the attachments available to help you get even more out of your stand mixer. All the attachments featured in this article fit most Chef stand mixers, including many older models, but please check your model for compatibility. Your mixer’s model number can usually be found on the base of your machine.


Kenwood Chef attachments

PASTA_MAIN_12960KENWOOD_FINAL_1584x1200.jpg PASTA_MAIN_12960KENWOOD_FINAL_1584x1200.jpg
With over 25 high-speed, slow-speed and bowl tool attachments available, your Kenwood Chef opens up a world of food preparation possibilities.

Our range of Chef attachments have been engineered and rigorously tested to ensure you get the very best results from your Chef, as you use it to blend, slice, chop, juice, mince and spiralize. There's essentially a Chef stand mixer attachment for every kind of dish or bake.

Frozen dessert maker attachment

Making your own homemade ice cream or frozen dessert is quick and easy with the frozen dessert maker attachment. With a pre-freeze dessert maker bowl, mixing paddle and bowl adapter, use this versatile attachment to make up to 1 litre of deliciously smooth ice cream, sorbet or frozen yoghurt in just 30 minutes. Experiment with different flavour combinations, or make your own plant-based, free-from or high protein desserts- no separate ice cream maker required.

Pasta shaper attachment

First use your stand mixer and dough tool to make your pasta dough, then pop on the pasta shaper attachment to effortlessly turn it into authentic pasta shapes. The attachment comes with a maccheroni rigati cutter, but there are an additional twelve dies available to purchase separately.

From fusilli to pappardelle, all the dies are made from high-quality bronze to give your pasta a rough textured surface for sauces to cling to better, for a real taste of Italy. And with this versatile attachment it doesn’t stop there- there's even a biscuit maker available.

Citrus juicer attachment

CITRUS_JUICER_AT312B_1584x1200.jpg CITRUS_JUICER_AT312B_1584x1200.jpg
Start your day with a freshly squeezed juice thanks to the citrus juicer attachment. Suitable for all types of citrus fruit, from oranges and grapefruits to lemons and limes, this easy-to-use attachment fits your stand mixer’s high-speed attachment and ensures every last drop of goodness is collected in the 600ml bowl.

The stainless steel sieve ensures your juice remains pulp and seed free, while the bowl’s spout and handle make for easy, mess-free pouring. Use it to add some zing to dips, sauces and dishes, or simply to get your daily vitamin C hit. Once you're done, just pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Continuous slicer/grater attachment

Take the hassle out of food prep with the continuous slicer/grater attachment. With seven durable stainless steel cutting plates for grating, chopping and slicing, this powerhouse attachment works non-stop to speedily prepare large quantities of fruit and vegetables in all shapes and sizes. Use it to prepare vegetables for a tasty stir fry, grate cheese, coarsely shred ingredients for a coleslaw or delicately slice the toppings for tarts and flans, with consistent, evenly sized results, every time.

With the extensive range of versatile attachments available for your Chef stand mixer, the possibilities for creation are endless.

Explore the full range today and find out just how much your stand mixer can do.