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5 things you didn’t know
about your Cooking Chef XL

The Cooking Chef XL is certainly no ordinary stand mixer. Taking cooking and baking to the next level, your mixer can whisk, melt, knead and even make one-pot meals - the opportunities are endless!

You might have already tried and tested some recipes, but we’ll help you get the most out of your stand mixer by introducing some of the lesser-known features, such as handy cooking presets and the pair and control function.

Let your Cooking Chef XL take the supporting role in your kitchen and achieve the best results with the touch of a button. You’ll soon be able to show off your new culinary skills to friends and family with our selection of mouth-watering meals and bakes.


Handy preset functions

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Baking is just the beginning with your Cooking Chef XL.

Let your stand mixer do the prep work for your next meal or bake, choosing from 13 SimpleTouch presets. You can whisk egg whites, make chunky soup, prove dough and even steam vegetables or fish - simply follow the instructions on the touchscreen and start! 

The preset functions are ideal for saving time (and the washing up!), leaving you to get creative in the kitchen whilst your mixer sets to work. 

Learn more about the preset functions on your new stand mixer by heading to our YouTube channel to watch our range of ‘how to’ videos.

Make delicious meals

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The Cooking Chef XL is the only tool you need on your kitchen worktop. Not only can you make bread, cakes and desserts with ease, but your multifunctional mixer can also prepare delicious meals for all the family. 

The induction heating technology has a wide temperature range from 20°C to 180°C - so it can melt, fry, sauté and boil all in the bowl. 

Prepare healthy stir frys, currys, soups and stews for chilly winter days, and you can even use the Slow Cook preset to prepare meals in advance,  leaving you to get on with your day. 

Try this one-pot wonder for your next ‘fakeaway’ meal - Chicken Bhuna with Garlic and homemade coriander naans. You’ll never go back to supermarket naans after tasting these! 

Make this flavoursome, creamy Fish Wellington for the perfect alternative Sunday lunch. Making the buttery puff pastry from scratch is so worth the effort.

This Seafood Pho is such a good midweek staple - it's such a quick and easy dish to make using the Cooking Chef XL, and the flavour packs a real punch too. 


Pair & control

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By pairing your stand mixer with the Kenwood World App, you can explore a world of culinary possibilities at your fingertips. 

The app is always on hand to help inspire you to get creative in the kitchen, as well as providing hints and tips from our community of cooks and bakers. 

Follow our step-by-step recipes and control your Cooking Chef XL from anywhere in your home via the app. Let your mixer do the prep work and control the speed, temperature and other functions with the touch of a button. 

Making compotes & jams

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Compotes and jams can be time-consuming and messy to make, which is why the Cooking Chef XL makes the process so easy. 

The Fruit Compote preset carefully heats the sugar, water and fruit, with the useful temperature control cooking it to the perfect consistency. You can prepare your fruit in advance or use optional mixer attachments to chop and grate.

Why not try this sharp and tangy ginger marmalade as a tasty breakfast treat, thickly spread onto crumpets or toast? It’s a great one to make in bulk for the store cupboard and even to pop into a gift hamper - and so easy to make. 

For a more ambitious bake, try folding this homemade blueberry compote into meringue to make our light and beautifully sweet blueberry souffle recipe. 

EasyWeigh scales

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You’ll save time and reduce mess when cooking and baking using the in-built EasyWeigh scale. Get rid of your kitchen scale and have the freedom to create with precision, avoiding any weighing mishaps. 

Weigh all of your ingredients directly into the bowl, incrementally or individually. Check the colour display screen as you weigh, which turns as you add ingredients to the bowl. The scale display stays horizontal even when the head is lifted and the screen is at an angle. 

Try more of our recipes…

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Need some more inspiration? Take a look at our range of Cooking Chef XL recipes - from cakes to main meals! 
Cooking Chef XL Recipes | Kenwood ( 

Make light work of your evening meal with this hearty Spinach and Lentil pie, which is ideal for those meat-free Mondays. You’ll save on the washing up by making both the pastry and filling with your stand mixer. 

Then for dessert, why not try this moreish Honeycomb and Pistachio torte? Fancy showing off your new-found culinary skills? Share these Lemon Meringue Cupcakes with your family and friends - made with delicious, gooey italian meringue.