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Learning to make pasta shapes with our range of attachments

Take your favourite pasta dishes to the next level by making your own pasta at home. The pasta shaper attachment and selection of different shapers make it easy to create a variety of authentic pasta shapes in no time at all, including spaghetti, bigoli, and orecchiette.

Get inspired to experiment with pasta of all shapes and sizes with our guide to making pasta shapes using your stand mixer and our range of pasta attachments.


Making pasta at home

kenwood_homemade_pasta.jpg kenwood_homemade_pasta.jpg
All you need to make your own pasta from scratch is your Kenwood stand mixer, a selection of pasta attachments and a few basic ingredients.

Our range of pasta attachments work from the slow speed hub at the front of your stand mixer, giving you the control, you need to roll, cut and shape perfect pasta. It’s quick, easy and fuss-free to get professional style results, so all you need to think about is which sauce to serve with your delicious homemade pasta.

Pasta shaper attachment

Turn your fresh pasta dough into homemade pasta of all shapes and sizes with the pasta shaper attachment. Made from high-grade stainless steel, this attachment is designed to help you effortlessly create a variety of authentic pasta shapes, including linguine, bigoli and spaghetti quadri.

It couldn’t be easier to fit the pasta shaper attachment to your stand mixer, so you’re ready to get creative. It comes with a maccheroni rigati cutter, but there are twelve additional shapers available to purchase separately. The high-quality bronze dies used to cut the pasta create a rough textured surface that allows sauces to cling better, ensuring every mouthful delivers maximum flavour.

Spaghetti quadri

Use the spaghetti quadri die to create perhaps the most universally loved pasta shape, spaghetti. These long noodles can be paired with virtually any sauce or ingredient, especially oil, butter or cream based pasta sauces, and can also be used in stir-fry dishes, or added to casseroles.  


Originally from Puglia in southern Italy, orecchiette are round, cup-like discs of pasta that are perfect for holding chunky sauces. Traditionally served with vegetables like broccoli, aubergine and courgette, orecchiette are notoriously tricky to make by hand, but with the orecchiette die and your pasta maker attachment, you can cut them effortlessly at home.

Maccheroni Lisci

Use the maccheroni lisci die to cut smooth, short tubes of pasta, perfect for using to make that ultimate American comfort food, macaroni cheese, or any pasta bake dish. Maccheroni lisci is also ideal for adding substance and texture to broths and soups, or to use in pasta salads. 


Create long thick tubes of pasta with the bigoli die. A speciality of the Veneto region, bigoli is traditionally made with buckwheat flour and duck eggs and is typically served with meat or game based ragu sauces, or with onions and anchovies to create Venice’s signature dish, bigoli in salsa. It makes a great alterative to spaghetti and works best when served with rich, flavour-packed sauces. 

Discover more pasta attachments

Along with the thirteen different bronze dies available to use with the pasta shaper attachment, we have a range of pasta attachments ready to transform your stand mixer into a pasta maker, including a lasagne roller attachment with adjustable thickness settings and pasta cutter attachments for making fettuccine, spaghetti and trenette.

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