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  • Why is there oil dripping into my Chef bowl from the beater socket?

    This indicates that the grease in the gearbox has turned to oil, your Chef may need to be sent in for re-greasing. 

  • How often does my Chef need servicing?

    A service, as such is not necessary. The gearboxes of the Chef and Major are permanently packed with grease and no additional lubrication is necessary during its normal life. If you wish a service to be carried out, then by all means request one.
  • I often have to stop the Chef to scrape down the sides of the bowl?

    Your beaters are not properly adjusted and are too high off the bottom of the bowl. By following the easy instructions in your instruction book, you can adjust the beaters yourself. Alternatively, our nearest Service workshop can do this for you.
  • My old Mixer is the A701A series, if I buy the current model, will my old attachments fit?

    Most of the attachments are NOT compatible due to improvements and necessary adjustments over the years. The attachments that can be used are : Potato Peeler, Colander and Sieve, Citrus Press and bowls. Also, providing your model number ends in an A, i.e. A701A, the three main tools, whisk, k-beater and dough tool, are also interchangeable. The older liquidiser can be used BUT a new type base MUST be fitted.
  • My whisk must have been faulty because it broke into pieces?

    Possibly you were using it for the wrong mixtures. The K-Beater is used for most mixtures and the whisk is used only for very thin mixtures and whisking eggs and cream.
  • Where can I buy spare parts and attachments for my Kenwood Chef?

    You can buy spare parts and attachments at 1295 Clubhouse Street, Maraisburg. Our Telephone Number is (011) 474-0153.
  • While my Chef was in use it just stopped working,why?

    If your mixer is fitted with an overload protection device, it will stop automatically, if overloaded. If this happens, raise the mixer head and press the green button after allowing the mixer to stand for a few minutes. then continue with mixing.
  • Why is my chef so noisy?

    The Chef is one of the most powerful domestic mixers on the market and has a train of five gears to give you the different speeds and power outlets. You get the full power of the Chef's motor at all speeds, so even the heaviest mixtures will never slow it down. A powerful motor makes a powerful noise! Standing your mixer on a hollow cupboard will increase the noise level. Lift the mixer off the working surface to hear the true noise level. Check that the rubber feet are all in place and not worn. Standing the mixer on a felt or rubber mat will help to reduce the noise.

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