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  • Can I process Hot ingredients?

    Liquids should be allowed to cool to room temperature before processing.

  • If I can mix dough with my Knife blade why do I need a dough tool?

    The dough blade is specially designed to knead dough and therefore is the perfect attachment for the job, it will stretch the dough during kneading rather than cut through it. The knife blade is suitable for the job. Just not as suitable as a dough blade.

  • Is my food processor Dish washable?

    Many Kenwood food processors have dishwashable parts, however it is often a product specific feature so for more information see the individual product pages. The motor housing of a food processor is never dishwashable.

  • What are the performance differences between a whisking disk and a dual beater whisk?

    A disk is not as effective as a traditional style dual beater whisk. The way the dual beaters work means that more air is incorporated into the mixture, resulting in lighter and fluffier dough or batter.

  • What attachments need a different speed?

    Higher speeds are used for attachments such as the liquidiser and the slice/shred discs, however, attachments such as a citrus press or a dough tool should be used with a slower speed.

  • What does a Maxi Blend Canopy do?

    The Kenwood Exclusive Maxi Blend Canopy works in two ways, both aimed at increasing the efficiency of knife blade chopping. It does this first by increasing the working capacity of the bowl by 30%, it also gives a 60% finer blend, it achieves both these tasks by changing the chopping action from centrifugal to a vortex.

  • What is a Food Processor?

    A food Processor is a device that aims to do most jobs you could want to do in a kitchen when preparing food, both quicker and with less effort than it would be to do such jobs by hand. The primary function of a Food Processor is Chopping, and nearly all available Food Processors have a shredding and slicing function of some sort.

  • What is a Pulse Function?

    The pulse button is used when you need short bursts of power at the optimum speed. This is controlled by the user which means you control how long the machine is run for. It is a useful way of avoiding over-processing. For example, it can be used to fold fruit into a cake mixture at the end of processing.

  • What is the difference between a Food Processor and a Kitchen Machine?

    A Kitchen Machine is Primarily for mixing dough and cake mixtures. A Food Processor can do these jobs but not with the efficiency of a kitchen machine. If you are planning on making cakes you should consider how much you will be doing this job. If it is going to be a common occurrence then a Kitchen Machine would be a better choice. It is worth taking note of the fact that a Food Processor is far smaller than a chef.

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