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  • Do I need to peel the fruits before I use them in my Centrifugal juicer?

    No, The peel of fruits will be collected with the pulp that the juice is removed from. However it is always advised to remove any stones that may be in a fruit, before Juicing.

  • How do I clean my <b>Mincer</b> attachment?

    1 Loosen the ring nut and dismantle. Wash all the parts in hot soapy water, then dry thoroughly. Don’t wash any part in the dishwasher. Never use a soda solution. 2 Wipe the screens with vegetable oil, then wrap in greaseproof paper to prevent discolouring/rusting.

  • How does my Citrus Juicer fit onto my Kitchen Machine?

    The Citrus juicer attachment will only fit onto a Kitchen Machine when attached in conjuction with the Food Processor bowl. It fits on the medium speed outlet.

  • My Liquidiser leaks, what should I do?

    To prevent leaks make sure the base is locked firmly into the jug.

  • What are the differences between a Citrus Press and a Centrifugal Juicer attachment?

    A Citrus juicer is a device that basically squeezes the juice out of a citrus fruit, the fruit must be cut in half before use and most of the pulp stays on the half fruit. A Centrifugal juicer Juices harder and whole fruits by spinning them through a fine mesh. This results in Pulp build up, in a storage device, and also a large amount of juice. The Citrus Juicer is used on the medium speed outlet and the Centrifugal Juicer on the high speed outlet.

  • What can I use the Liquidiser for?

    Use the liquidiser for soups, drinks, pâtés, mayonnaise, breadcrumbs, biscuit crumbs, chopping nuts and crushing ice.

  • What do I use the knife blade for on my Food Processor attachment?

    Use the knife blade to chop raw and cooked meat, cooked eggs, vegetables, nuts, pâtés and dips and to also make crumbs from bread and biscuits. Always hold the knife blade by the finger grip at the top, away from the cutting edge, both when handling and cleaning. Take care not to over process when using the knife blade. Don’t use the knife blade to mix heavy loads such as bread dough otherwise you may damage the mixer. Use the dough kneaders in the mixing bowl to make bread and the beater in the bowl to make cakes and pastry. Don’t use the knife blade to chop ice cubes or other hard foods, such as spices, they may damage the attachment.

  • What do the slice/shred plates with my Food Processor attachment do?

    You can use the slicer/shredder to slice or shred fruit, vegetables and cheese and the rasping plate for grating Parmesan cheese and potato for German potato dumplings.

  • What is the difference between the screens on my Mincer?

    Use the fine screen for raw meat; fish; small nuts; or cooked meat for shepherd’s pie or meat loaves. Use the medium and coarse screens for raw meat; fish; nuts; vegetables; hard cheese; or peel or dried fruit for puddings and marmalade.

  • What speeds should I use for which fruits when using my Centrifugal Juicer?

    When using the Centrifugal Juuicer attachment it is recomended that you use lower speeds for softer fruits such as berries and plums, and higher speeds for the harder fruits like apples and pears.

  • Why won’t my Food Processor work?

    The attachment will not operate if the lid is not locked correctly or if the high speed outlet cover is not fitted. Do not use the lid to operate the attachment, always use the on/off speed control.

  • Why won’t my Liquidiser work?

    The liquidiser will not operate if the medium speed outlet cover is not correctly fitted. The liquidiser will not operate if the lid is not correctly fitted. The liquidiser will not operate if incorrectly fitted to the mixer.

  • Why won’t my Mincer work?

    The mincer attachment will not operate unless the medium and high speed outlet covers are fitted.

  • Why wont my Citrus Juicer not start?

    The citrus juicer will not operate if the sieve is not locked correctly or if the high speed outlet cover is not fitted.

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