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  • How do I clean my machine?

    Always switch off and unplug before cleaning. Wipe the mixer body and outlet covers with a damp cloth, then dry. Never use abrasives or immerse in water Wash the Bowls, tools and splashguard by hand, then dry thoroughly. Or alternatively, wash in the dishwasher. Never use a wire brush, steel wool or bleach to clean your stainless steel bowl. Use vinegar to remove limescale. Keep away from heat (cooker tops, ovens, microwaves)

  • How do I fit the splashguard?

    1 Fit the bowl into the base and add the ingredients. 2 Fit the tool then lower the mixer head 3 Fit the splashguard onto the bowl by sliding the cut away section around the mixer head. 4 To remove the splashguard, reverse the above procedure. During mixing, ingredients can be added directly to the bowl via the chute.

  • My machine is labouring what can I do?

    If you hear the machine labouring either switch off and remove some of the mixture or increase the speed.

  • My machine will not start. Why?

    This machine is fully interlocked. In order for the machine to start, all of the outlet covers must be in place. The head must also be locked in position. If the mixer head is raised during operation, the machine will stop working straight away. To re-start the mixer, lower the mixer head, turn the speed switch to the off position, wait a few seconds and then re-select the speed. The mixer should resume operating straight away.

  • There is variation in the speed of the machine, is this normal?

    Your mixer is fitted with an electronic speed sensor control that is designed to maintain the speed under different load conditions, such as when kneading bread dough or when eggs are added to a cake mix. You may therefore hear some variation in speed during the operation as the motor adjusts to the load and speed selected - this is normal.

  • What are the maximum capacities for my machine?

    The maximum capacities are as follows. Do not attempt to exceed these as it could seriously damage your machine. Shortcrust pastry - 450g flour Fruit cake mix - 1,8kg total mix Bread dough - 500g flour Egg whites - 8

  • What is the dough hook guard?

    This is a circle of rubber which is used with the dough hook. It sits between the tool and the outlet it is attached to, and guards the mixer outlet, preventing food getting in.

  • What should I do if my machine has stopped mixing?

    If for any reason power to the mixer is interrupted and the machine stops working, turn the speed switch to the off position, wait a few seconds and then re-select the speed. The mixer should resume operating straight away.

  • When I am mixing heavy loads the mixer head moves, what should I do?

    Some movement of the mixer head is normal when mixing heavy loads such as bread dough.

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