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  • What are the different attachments for my hand mixer?

    Hand Mixers always come with the dual beater attachment, meant for the basic jobs of whisking and mixing lighter mixtures such as pastry and creams. Some Hand Mixers also come with a set of kneading tools too. These kneading tools are used to stretch and knead heavy doughy mixtures.

  • What ingredients can I use with a Hand Mixer?

    Hand Mixers are designed for beating dough and pastry, so they can easily cope with any of the ingredients involved. They deal well with soft or liquid mixtures, but will not affect solids very much.

  • What is a Hand Mixer?

    A Hand Mixer is a handheld appliance used for mixing cake and pastry mixtures. They are also used for whisking. The double beaters are the main function of a Hand Mixer.

  • What recipes can I make with a Hand Mixer?

    Hand Mixers specialise in recipes such as dough and batter mixes. The way the twin beaters work allows air to be folded into a mixture so it will give a light and fluffy batters, and thin and light creams.

  • What speeds are suited to what ingredients?

    Lower speeds are the more commonly used with a hand mixer, their uses ranging from batter to cream, to mixing pastry ingredients. The higher speeds tend only to be used for lighter, thinner mixtures such as whisked sponge or egg whites, but this should always be reached by gradually increasing the speed, rather than suddenly setting the hand mixer to high.

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