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  • What size cans can I open?

    All shapes from Small and standard domestic cans to large 1.2kg cans. Larger cans may require support from the user.

    Do not use the appliance to open ring-pull cans.

  •  How do I clean my can opener?


    The removable leaver can be washed in hot, sudsy water and must be dried thoroughly. (Dishwasher is not advised)

    Wipe the body with a damp cloth only and dry thoroughly.

  • What Knives can be sharpened?

    Any Knife without a serrated edge: carbon steel are most suited to sharpening.

  • How can I open tall bottles?

    Position the unit towards the edge of the work top and steady with one hand.

  • The unit fails to retain the can lid, why is this?

    The lid may be aluminium and will not be retained by the magnet.

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