About the Triblade Hand Blender HB718

Your Triblade Hand Blender HB718 gives you powerful and controllable blending at the touch of a button. The 380W motor and three blade system works with the unique foot design to chop and blend ingredients as efficiently as possible.

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Design for life

This handblender offers a unique Triblade concept that delivers powerful, efficient and controllable blending at the touch of a button. The three blade system is aligned with a  unique foot design that disrupts the flow of ingredients for chopping and blending as efficiently as possible. The TriBlade has been designed with the user in mind- the three blade system is efficient without being messy! With 19 functions to help you in the kitchen-from blending and chopping, to mixing and whisking, this hand blender will become your most versatile tool in the kitchen. 


A powerful 380 watt motor ensures that it can handle even the tough ingredients in the kitchen. The one-touch, easy operation with turbo function leaves you in control with simplicity and one-handed control. Your new hand blender comes with a stainless steel TriBlade wand, a pan blender that allows you to blend directly in the pan so you don't have to move hot ingredients around the kitchen, a metal balloon whisk, a 16oz chopper and a calibrated 25oz beaker for smaller ingredients. Use your new handblender for anything from smoothies and soups to baby food and home made dressings!

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