The power to go beyond blending…

The innovative Blend-X Pro hot and cold blender features a new and unique MultiZone blade system specially developed to blend, crush, chop, grind and mix ingredients with ease.

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  • Patented MultiZone™ Blade Technology: 30% more cutting action powered by high torque motor for perfectly smooth results
  • Unique blending patterns with 6 pre-set programs: Easily create your favorite recipes; drinks, soups, ice crush, fine chop, coarse chop, auto rinse - all under 60 seconds!
  • Variable speed control: Fine tuning, precision control over the blending, crushing and chopping process
  • 56 oz ThermoResist Glass Blender: Blend hot or cold without fear of cracking or shattering
  • Easy Clean: Auto rinse function, removable blades and dishwaher safe carafe
  • 5 Year Motor Warranty
  • 1000 watts QuattroPole™ Motor
  • Stir Stick Included

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Expertise in the kitchen since 1947. The Power to Go Beyond Blending; blend faster and smoother with the Kenwood Blend-X Pro.  Kenwood’s patented MultiZone™ blade technology, powered by a high torque QuattroPole™motor, has 30% more cutting action for perfectly smooth, consistent results. With 6 pre-set programs for blending drinks, soups, fine or coarse chopping and ice crushing, you can easily create your favorite recipes all in less than 60 seconds!

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Blend your favorite, healthy smoothies in less than 60 seconds, chop fresh guacamole in only 10 seconds and more original recipes with the help of the bonus recipe book. The unique variable speed control allows fine tuning and precision blending to customize any recipe.

Blend hot and cold ingredients in the ThermoResist™ carafe without fear of cracking or shattering. Clean up is easier than ever with the auto rinse feature, removable blades and dishwasher safe components. Equipped with a sleek, brushed aluminum face and internal cord housing, the Blend-X Pro is a professionally-inspired blender with a contemporary design for the home countertop.

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