Chef Dale Talde and the Kenwood Cooking Chef on The Daily Meal

The Daily Meal

Dale Talde’s Pork and Chive Bread Stuffing Recipe
November 2013 - The chef shares his recipe for a twist on a classic stuffing for Thanksgiving using the Kenwood Cooking Chef View the recipe and video >>



Chef Dale Talde and the Kenwood Cooking Chef on The Daily Meal


Compulsive Cooking
September 2013 - The life of a perfectionist can be challenging. The little things that most people shrug off—a book out of place, a smudge on the tabletop, a wrinkle on an otherwise perfectly pressed shirt—can cause unending frustration. For type-A personalities, seemingly enjoyable experiences such as hosting a dinner party or making breakfast for the family can be extremely stressful. However, with the latest kitchen products and appliances...  Read the full article >>



Kenwood Cooking Chef in Dallas Modern Luxury

Modern Luxury - Dallas

Counter Candy
Fall/Winter 2013 - Small spaces in your first place together? Overwhelmed by all the choices in small appliances? No problem. The British import Kenwood Cooking Chef, new to the American market, redefines the stand mixer in a new megagadget that replaces up to eight other machines. With a sleek stainless stell body, the Chef is equipped with shiny, sturdy attachments that are intuitive to insert. It is surprisingly easy to use-once you get over the intimidation factor. Outfitted with an induction cooking plate at the base that hearts up to 285 degrees Fahrenhet, it can stir a risotto, freeing up your hands to grill steaks or assemble a salad. Consider us all stirred up.



Kenwood Cooking Chef in Arizona Foothills

Arizona Foothills - Dish/Bites

Groundbreaking Gourmet
June 2013 - Meet the ultimate, revolutionary seven appliances in one food preparation machine. The Kenwood Cooking Chef. Designed and engineered in the U.K. this ground breaking product is the first of its kind to combine induction heating, planetary mixing, food process and blending. With eight mixing speeds, three stirring settings, five stainless steel bowl tools, six chopping blades for the processor, hot and cold blending and so much more, this countertop creation is like a veritable sous chef.



Kenwood Cooking Chef in Departures


Your Personal Sous Chef
May/June 2013 - The idea of a do-it all kitchen gadget immediately calls to mind late-night infomercials and wedding registries, but the Kenwood Cooking Chef might actually be the one appliance to permanently set on the counter. The machine combines the capabilities of a stand mixer, food processor and blender, plus it has an induction heating element that warms the all purpose bowl up to 284 degrees Fahrenheit to allow cooking while stirring. If ever there were a time to attempt risotto or polenta, this is it.



Cooking Chef in Robb Report

Robb Report Home & Style

Cooking With Class
May/June 2013 - Now available Stateside, Britain's Kenwood Cooking Chef does just about everything - cook, mix, blend, process - but clean up the kitchen. 


Kenwood in Cooking Light


The Most Amazing Stand Mixer I Have Ever Seen
April 30, 2013 - Lots of tools and gadgets have come through the Cooking Light Test Kitchen. Recently I have tested a 15-pound solid steel baking stone (which was awesome), a less-than-impressive slow cooker, and some worthless microwave potato chip makers. Our most recent toy was the most amazing $2000 stand mixer you have ever seen.  Read the full article >>



Kenwood SF Gate

San Francisco Chronicle

New kitchen appliance is all-in-one
April 7, 2013 - It slices, it steams, it blends, it braises. The Kenwood Cooking Chef - a high technology, multi-function machine just being introduced to the American market - does all of this and more by replacing countertop appliances such as the food processor, stand mixer and blender.  Read the full article >>



The Wall Street Journal

At Last, Your Very Own Sous-Chef
April 6, 2013 - IN ENGLAND, Kenwood is like Xerox on this side of the pond: a brand name so ingrained in the cultural consciousness that it has become interchangeable with the product it represents. A Brit doesn't have a stand mixer; he has a Kenwood. Read the full article >>


Kenwood Yum Sugar

Check Out Our Must Haves For April
April 1, 2013 - UK appliance brand Kenwood just launched in the United States with the splashy debut of a hot new appliance, the Cooking Chef ($2,000). The multipurpose machine is a blender, food processor, grater, juicer, meat grinder, and more, all in one unit. What's more, it has induction heating, which allows home cooks to sous vide, smoke, sauté, stir-fry . . . the list goes on. The only thing it doesn't include is an oven. Read the full article >>



Kenwood KNTV


Don't Call it a Mixer
March 29, 2013 - The Kenwood Kitchen Chef is a precision kitchen solution. The Kenwood Kitchen Chef is a mixer/blender/food processor, but the most unusual thing about it is the heating element. It can cook food. Scott McGrew tests it out. View the Segment >>




Kenwood in Daily Beast

The Daily Beast

You Just Have To Have It!
March 19, 2013 - The Kenwood Cooking Chef looks sort of like a cross between a stand mixer and a movie robot. It can chop, slice, shred, mix, and even cook your food—a gadget surprisingly close to one of those household helpers the Jetsons schooled us all to expect in the future.  Read the full article >>


Cooking Chef La Cucina Italiana

La Cucina Italiana

La Dolce Vita
March/April 2013 - If streamlining is your thing, you can turn to this maximizer, which combines blender, food procesor, mixer and a heating element for cooking. Additional attachments for rolling pasta, grinding meat and pressing fruit are also available.


Cooking Chef House Beautiful

House Beautiful

the BEST! for the kitchen
March 2013 - It looks like a mixer, but that's not the half of it! It's actually four appliances in one: mixer, blender, food processor - and induction cooker.


Huff Post Taste Kenwood Cooking Chef

HuffPost Taste

The Kenwood Cooking Chef Is A Mixer, Blender, Food Processor And Induction Burner
December 14, 2012 - The Kenwood Cooking Chef is a four-in-one kitchen appliance that combines a blender, mixer, food processor and induction burner. We have to be honest with you buys, it is kind of freaking us out. We feel one step closer to the singularity. Read the full article >>


Kenwood Cooking Chef in NY Magazine

New York Magazine

60 Gifts That Just Got Better
December 2012 - De-clutter your countertop with Kenwood’s four-in-one Cooking Chef, a British import that mixes, blends, chops, and even cooks food thanks to a built-in induction-heating plate. View the Guide >>


Kenwood Cooking Chef Epicurious


Kenwood's Cooking Chef Arrives in the U.S.
In their modern cartoon kitchen, the futuristic Jetson family simply pressed a button and seconds later the pot roast was served. We're not quite there, but it seems we may be getting closer. Kenwood, a British home appliance company that's been in business since 1947, recently launched its first stateside product, the Kenwood Cooking Chef, and it's a high-tech culinary tool that could change the way people cook and eat. Read the full article >>