Cantonese Steamed Tile Fish with Chinese Vegetables

Cantonese Steamed Tile Fish with Chinese Vegetables

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  • Tile Fish, fillet                 2; substitute Salmon or Bass
  • Orange halved                1, slice half – reserve juice for sauce
  • Lime halved                    1, slice half– reserve juice for sauce
  • Lemon  halved               1, slice half– reserve juice for sauce
  • Fresh ginger                   ¼ cup shredded
  • Scallions                          1 bunch, sliced, roots discarded
  • Red chilies                      1, sliced into matchsticks
  • Yu Choy                            1 small bunch, steams discarded
  • Bok Choy                         2 small bunches, stems discarded
  • Lotus root                        1, sliced into rounds
  • Napa Cabbage              Small wedge
  • Oil                                     1 Tbsp
  • Salt                                   A few pinches
  • Water                               5 cups
  • Soy Sauce                      1 cup



  1. Add water to Cooking Chef bowl, bring to a boil
  2. Layer sliced citrus on the bottom of the steamer basket
  3. Season fish with salt and drizzle of olive oil; place on top of citrus in steamer basket
  4. Top fish with ginger, scallions and chilies
  5. Build the rest of the vegetables around the fish in the steamer basket
  6. Place steamer basket in the Cooking Chef bowl, add splashguard and steam for 15 mins on setting 3
  7. While fish is steaming, mix soy sauce and citrus juices together
  8. Remove fish and vegetables from steamer basket and top with soy sauce mixture and drizzle of oil


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