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  • Can I buy a new filter for my Deep Fryer lid?

    The lid filters are permanent and providing they are cleaned on a regular basis should not need to be replaced. However, these can be purchased from our mail order company Electrue.

  • Can I deep Fry frozen foods?

    Yes. Just remember to shake off any excess ice before using them.
  • Can I re-use the oil from my Deep Fat Fryer?

    Yes, but you should allow the oil to cool, then pour the oil through Muslin or absorbent paper before re-using. However oil should be completely changed after every 8-10 uses.
  • How do I clean my Fryer?

    Never start cleaning until the oil has cooled down. The Mesh, bowl and lid should all be removed (Please note that on some models the bowl is not removable) and soaked in hot soapy water for 20 minutes. The mesh should then be cleaned with a stiff brush and the bowl with a non-abrasive cleaner. The outer body should be wiped with a damp cloth. If your Deep Fat Fryer has the patented Total Clean system, then you can put everything but the control module in a dishwasher.
  • What is the Total Clean system on a Deep Fat Fryer?

    This means that the Deep Fat fryer has a removable control module. Although this module has to be cleaned carefully and kept away from water, the rest of the Fryer can be cleaned easily and even put into a dishwasher.
  • Why is corn oil recommended for Fryers?

    Other oils may cause foaming and unpleasant smells at higher temperatures. Corn oil will give up to 8-10 uses whereas other oils should be changed after 3-4 fries.

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