• Slow Speed Outlet

    Slow Speed Outlet

    You will find this behind the removable cover at the front of the kitchen machine. Use this outlet to run our high quality pasta roller, shaper and cutters, food mincer, rotary slicer/grater, grinding mill and fruit press.

  • Total Mixing

    Total Mix Planetary Action

    A test of good performance is how well the ingredients are mixed in the bowl. While most beaters rotate in a circular motion the Kenwood bowl tools move in a planetary way.

    Kenwood’s total mixing action means that while the beater is revolving in one direction, the socket turns in the opposite direction making sure that all the mixture is picked up from around the side, bottom and centre of the bowl. It is consistent whether you are whisking one egg white or 2.4kg of stiff bread dough.

  • Bowl

    Bowl and Bowl Outlet

    The specially designed 6.7 litre stainless steel induction bowl has heat resistant handles and a cooking capacity of up to 3 litres. It can be used for both hot and cold use, mixing up to 4.55kg of cake mix, up to 2.6kg of soft dough and as many as 16 egg whites. The bowl can be cleaned in the dishwasher and should only be used with the induction plate on the Cooking Chef.

    Four solid stainless steel bowl tools are included in pack, K-beater, power whisk, dough tool and stir tool plus a creaming beater designed to scrape the sides of the bowl. All the bowl tools are height adjustable to guarantee the mixture in incorporated properly.

    In addition to the standard bowl, there are three optional attachments that can be obtained for the bowl outlet. The potato peeler, frozen dessert maker, puree and sieve.

  • Medium Speed Outlet

    Medium Speed Outlet

    The medium speed outlet is unique to the Kenwood Titanium Chef and Major and the Cooking Chef. You'll find it in the centre on top of the head of the machine and is used to run the versatile food processor attachment.

  • Blender

    High Speed Outlet

    This outlet is located at the back of the head of the machine and uses the maximum amount of wattage to drive the high speed attachments. Use this outlet to run our blender, compact chopper/grinder, continuous slicer/ grater, metal juice extractor and citrus juicer.

  • Temperature dial

    Temperature Control

    The temperature range on the Cooking Chef is 20°C to 140°C providing you with the ability to create a huge variety of dishes. It can be set low to prove dough, be used as a bain marie for melting chocolate or set to maximum for cooking dishes such as casseroles and curries.

    With two temperature probes designed to accurately measure and control the heat, the Cooking Chef will control the heat to within 2°C so you can be sure you’re cooking at the right temperature for your recipe.

    The temperature is displayed in the LCD screen and you can adjust the required temperature during the cooking process.

  • Fold and Pulse

    Fold and Pulse

    The fold function is a manual control used to gently incorporate ingredients together. When the fold button is pressed it will turn the bowl tool 2½ times at half the minimum speed, around 22 revolutions per minute, then stop automatically. It will work continuously if the control is held in position. The fold button can be operated when using the machine for hot or cold recipes.

    The pulse button is also a manual function used for short bursts of power at optimum speed. The pulse will operate for as long as the control is held in position by pushing the ‘P’ button. It’s designed to be used with the high speed attachment, specifically for ensuring ingredients are not over processed and the correct texture is achieved.

  • Variable Speed Control

    Variable Speed Control

    In addition to the selection of speeds available for general mixing, whisking and for use with your attachments the Cooking Chef has three dedicated stir speeds for cooking.

    Stir speed 1 slowly and carefully mixes your ingredients together at around 22 revolutions per minute. Stir speed 2 turns the bowl tool two and a half times and then pauses for 5 seconds and stir speed 3 turns the tool two and a half times and pause for 30 seconds, ensuring your meat is cooked through and your herbs or spices are infused.

  • Control Panel

    LCD Screen

    The built-in digital LCD display allows you to check both the cooking time and the current cooking temperature and adds an extra touch of precision to your cooking.

    Once the temperature has been set you will notice how fast and efficient the induction heat technology really is as the temperature rapidly increases in the display screen. Below the screen there are two buttons for setting the time and a toggle button for switching between the time and the temperature.

    The timer can be set for up to 3 hours and will count down when the mixing has started, when the timer reaches 00:00 the machine will automatically stop heating and mixing and there will be an audible sound. If you choose not to set a time the timer will count up until you manually switch off the speed control or it reaches a maximum of 3 hours of cooking time.

    The LCD screen will also display error codes which will indicate any interlock issues or technical errors.

  • Induction Cooking

    Induction Cooking

    The unique Kenwood Cooking Chef is the first appliance to fully combine total mix planetary action with induction cooking which means it can simultaneously stir and cook an array of dishes.

    Induction cooking is fast, clean, energy efficient and a safe way to cook. When the Cooking Chef bowl is locked into position it creates a circuit and once switched on will produce a large amount of thermal energy. The heat generated is then directed straight into the bowl, minimising heat loss and only cooking the food in the bowl. Other heating methods, such as gas, waste around 50% of the energy just heating the environment around you pan.

    Two sensors positioned on the induction plate accurately measure and control the temperature within 2°C so you can be certain you’re cooking at exactly the right temperature for your recipe.