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Surprise and delight family and friends

Whether you’re trying out a brand new recipe, or an authentic dish tried and tested by generations, surprising and delighting family and friends with your baking skills is now easier than you might think.

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Over 20 attachments to inspire your creativity 

There are more than 20 specialised accessories designed to inspire your creativity.  Dedicated bowl tools, together with the precision of Total Mix Planetary Action, give you control over every last detail.  Chef TElite guarantees the very best textures and flavours that will be appreciated time after time.

Elite XL - KVL6320S Zoom IconsView Gallery

Create unforgettable moments

From a picture perfect pavlova thanks to the whisk tool, to macaroons delicately made with a folding function, or healthy sorbets that the entire family can enjoy, Chef Elite will help to create unforgettable moments.

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