Celebrity Insights

Once our panel of food experts had deliberated the ultimate food experiences for the Food Lovers Bucket List booklet, we asked a few of our celebrity friends for their thoughts. Here are a few snippets of what they said:

“Sushi is one of my favourite things. It’s the texture of the fish with the sweet rice that is such a great combination - with a bit of hot wasabi and soy sauce it’s every one of my favourite flavoursall together. Just describing it now has made me want it!”   Liz McClarnon, musician and Celebrity MasterChef winner

“A taste memory of my childhood is biting into my dad’s thickly buttered toast with my mum’s homemade marmalade on top of it. Marmalade is my breakfast luxury and I think there is no better present to give someone than a pot of marmalade you’ve made yourself, be it orange or lime or something more adventurous like ginger. Whether true or not, I like the Mary Queen of Scots story about the origin of its name “Marie est malade” and for me marmalade will always remain the best tonic to start everyday with.”  Emilia Fox, TV and film actress

“Cornish dairy farmers are in a class of their own. I’ve been going to Cornwall since I was a kid and I still get all excited about the clotted cream. With strawberries, on scones and especially with ice cream - when the clotted cream is on the table, nothing else matters. There is nothing else like it in the world.” Alex James, musician and cheese maker

 “Seafood is a big deal in Scandinavia and we love to cure, smoke and salt everything we source from the sea. Gravlax is a classic – silky salmon with lots of flavour from the dill, spices, sugar and salt. It’s tasty just on good wholegrain bread or enjoyed as a meal with steamed new potatoes, creme fraiche, cucumber pickles and salad. Nutritious and delicious, what more could you ask for?” Signe Johansen, Norwegian chef and author

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