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  • Are there any guidelines for what I can blend in my Smoothie Maker?

    A variety of fruit and vegetables can be blended in your Smoothie Maker, however some of the harder fruits, such as apples, may need to be prepared in smaller pieces before they will blend easily. It is also recommended that any dried fruits are soaked in water for a few hours prior to use.

  • How long will my Smoothie keep fresh for?

    Ideally a freshly made Smoothie should be consumed immediately after it is made. It can refrigerated but should be consumed the same day.

  • What is the purpose of the stir-stick?

    The stir stick is a handy tool that allows you to push the ingredients against the flow of the blending, assisting to achieve the best results.

  • What is the purpose of the pulse function?

    The pulse button is used to apply short bursts of power at the appliance's optimum speed and is controlled by the user. It is a useful way of avoiding over-processing. It is suited to offering an extra burst of power and for ice crushing.

  • I'm not happy with the consistency of my Smoothie. What is the best way to adjust it?

    Simple! If your Smoothie is too thick, just add more liquid. If your smoothie is too thin, add some frozen ingredients or maybe half a banana. All Smoothies require a liquid base; best practice is to use the indicators on the goblet to achieve the perfect result.

  • What is the advantage of the dispensing tap?

    The tap is a convenient way to serve your Smoothies and ensures clean dispensing.

  • What is the difference between a Smoothie Maker and a Juicer?

    Smoothie makers blend and retain the whole fruit used.  Juicers are used purely for extracting the juice of a fruit, resulting in a much thinner and often clearer drink.

  • Why do Smoothie Makers feature 2 speeds, is this enough?

    We like to keep things simple! There are only ever two speeds because that’s all you really need. One speed for harder fruits and thicker ingredients and the other for liquids and softer fruits. There is also the Pulse button, great for ice crushing and quick bursts if needed.

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