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FAQs Ice Cream Makers

FAQs Ice Cream Makers

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  • How long should the bowl be kept in the freezer before using for the first time?

    Before use, the bowl should be placed in the freezer 24hrs in advance. Do not remove the bowl until ready to use.

  • How should I clean my ice cream maker?

    Freezer bowl

    • Allow to reach room temperature before cleaning.  Wipe with cloth and warm water an dry thoroughly.  Do not immerse.

    Paddle/Outer bowl (lid, stopper spatula if included)

    • Wash in warm sudsy water, then dry.  Do not place in a diswasher.
  • My ice cream maker stopped operating during use, why is this?

    Your machine will contain a safety cut-out and in the unlikely event of this happening, will stop the motor if the machine is overheating. If this happens, switch off the machine and allow to cool.

  • How do I get the best results from my ice cream maker?


    • Always ensure the bowl is thoroughly dry before freezing.
    • Keep the Bowl upright in the freezer.
    • Ensure your ingredients are refrigerated before making your ice cream.
    • Refrain from using alchohol in your recipes, this will inhibit the freezing process.
  • How long does it take to make ice cream?

    Depending on the igredients, the process can take between 15-30 mins.

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