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  • Recipe difficulty: Medium
  • Vegetarian
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  • Preparation time: 
  • Cooking time: 
  • Serves: Up to 6 people
  • Course: Side dish

In France, these potatoes would be given to local bakers to place in a bread oven to cook slowly. Now, they can be prepared with ease in the Cooking Chef and then placed in the oven to brown.

Preparation time:  20 minutes
Cooking time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Serves: 6

Attachments: Food Processor, Flexi Beater


  1. Slice the onions in the Food Processor using the thin slicing disc.
  2. Attach the Flexi Beater, set the temperature to 120ºC and the speed to 2. Add the butter, oil and sugar. Add the onions and thyme then cook for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Preheat the oven to 180ºC/350ºF/Gas 4.
  3. Peel the potatoes and slice with the thin slicing disc in the Food Processor on speed 3. Lay the sliced potatoes in a ovenproof dish in neat layers. Spoon some of the onion mixture between each layer and season between every few layers. Carefully pour on the stock. Top the final layer with a few knobs of butter and a pinch of nutmeg.
  4. Bake for 60 minutes in the preheated oven


Garlic cloves 3
Tomatoes 4
Peppers 3
Onions 4
Courgettes 4
Aubergines 2
Olive oil 6 tbsp
Bouquet garni 1
Salt and pepper

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