Blend-X Pro Recipes

  • Blend-X Pro

    The Blend-X Pro goes far beyond what you’d expect from an ordinary blender. It’s the most powerful and intelligent blender that Kenwood has created, the product of years of experience in food preparation.

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Kenwood have developed the new Blend-X Pro with power, performance and versatility in mind. This blender combines a powerful 1400W motor, MultiZoneTM Blade Technology and 6 dedicated pre-set programmes that will blend, grind, chop and crush ingredients with ease to the desired texture. This recipe section includes a variety of recipes covering, dips, soups, drinks, main courses, desserts, pastes and spreads.

Each recipe explains which programme to use to achieve the desired results. This blender has a variable speed dial and pulse function for total user control and precision. A stir stick is included in pack to help with thicker mixtures and smoothies.