Food Processors

Need a little inspiration to create more interesting dishes or add more variety to family mealtimes? A Kenwood Food Processor is a really fast worker in your kitchen. And there's a whole range for you to find just what you're looking for.

  • Multipro Sense

    Multipro Sense Food Processor FPM800

    Shred, slice and chop your way to great food with the wide choice of attachments available for the Multipro Sense.

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  • Multipro Compact

    Multipro Compact Food Processors Kenwood Singaporer

    Perfect for even the smallest kitchen, these durable kitchen appliances will make light work of preparing your food.

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  • Mini Food Choppers

    Mini Food Choppers

    Many recipes call for small quantities of finely chopped herbs, spices, nuts and other dry ingredients. The Kenwood Mini Chopper makes...

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