Why Spiralize?

The healthy benefits of spiralizing


Delicious spiralized stir frySpiralizers are a Japanese invention, but more and more kitchens now include a manual spiralizer in their arsenal. A spiralizer uses a sharp blade and manual crank to create healthy low carbohydrate veggie "spaghetti" swirls. The results look stunning, and spiralizing is a great way to get more fruit and vegetables into your diet. 

Why spiralize?

Spiralizing allows you to turn even the most boring fruit and vegetables into a variety of spirals, noodles and ribbons. The results make a great replacement for pasta and rice, and you and your family can enjoy healthier meals together. Spiralizers are easy to use, mess free and can handle a variety of fruit and veg with no fuss at all.

Spiralized food can be purchased pre-prepared from supermarkets, but it is incredibly easy and much cheaper to create your own low carb, low calorie dishes at home. 

What tools do I need?

spiralized noodles

Spiralizers are mainly operated manually by hand, driving the blades into the vegetables. A manual peeler can also be used, although this can be slow work if you are preparing food for a lot of people.

Kenwood will shortly launch an electric spiralizer, which is easy to use. The Kenwood Spiralizer is ideal if you prepare for a large family, spiralize regularly, or are short of time. It does all of the hard work whilst you gently press the food in a downward motion. The Kenwood Spiralizer is effortless to clean. 

What food types can be spiralized?

Most types of vegetables and fruit are suitable for spiralizing, and we recommend you experiment with your favourites. The best results we have found so far are vegetables such as courgettes, cucumber, squash, carrots and beetroot. Apples, plantains and pears make a fabulous addition to salads and desserts.

Stunning salads, tasty stir fries, awesome casseroles, hearty meals and warming soups can be created with the Spiralizer. Eat the results raw, or cook them to replace rice or pasta. The possibilities really are endless!

I have special nutritional requirements. Is spiralizing suitable for me?

healthy salad

In short, yes! If you require a special diet,  lots of fruit and vegetables can ensure you are getting the maximum possible nutritional benefits. Spiralizing is great for those on gluten free diets, low fat or low carb diets, and suit vegetarian and vegan diets perfectly.

How quickly should the results be eaten? 

The results can be refridgerated, or some can even be frozen, but many are best eaten on the same day, to ensure you get the maximum nutritional benefits from your creations. Courgette noodles (or zoodles, otherwise known as zucchini noodles, or courgetti, which is a courgette spaghetti), can store for up to five days in the refridgerator. Going on a picnic? Help to preserve your recipe by adding a little lemon juice. 

Will you have spiralizing recipes?

We will feature lots of recipes on our website, plus inspirational ideas on Facebook and Instagram, once the Kenwood Spiralizer has launched. We can`t wait!

We are passionate about food and like to share our creations and inventions. If you have discovered a recipe that really works we would love to hear from you.The results could even get published or shared on our site!

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