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  • Why isn’t the website working properly for me?

    We apologise if you ever encounter difficulties with our website.  In order to try and help you resolve you can contact customer support on 0508 200 300 between Monday and Friday 9am - 5pm or use our contact form. The information that would help in our research would include:

    • A short description of the issue (i.e. you cannot view all or part of a page, items can't be added to your cart, you can't complete checkout, etc)
    • The type of device you are using - a laptop, desktop or mobile device (phone or tablet)
    • The browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc) and the version of your browser.  You can check your version by going into the Help section of the Browser toolbar and selecting the 'About' option
  • How do I place an order?

    When you see an item you love, please specify the quantity you prefer then click “Add to Cart.” After you add an item you may continue shopping until you are ready to complete your purchase. At any time you can click on “Your Cart” at the top of the screen to view the items you have selected. After you have made any changes and updated the quantities as desired, click “Checkout” to finish. You will then be prompted to fill out shipping and billing information. Finish by clicking “Submit Order.” Be sure to look out for a confirmation email in your inbox soon after.

  • When I put something in my cart, does it guarantee I have the merchandise?

    We strive to maintain that the correct availability is reported when you select the item you would like to place in your cart. Unfortunately, if another customer buys the remainder stock of your item before you make your purchase, the item will be reported as unavailable when you go to checkout.

  • When placing an order and entering my payment information  I get an 'Authorisation Error' message. What does this mean?

    An authorisation error could mean several things. First, please be sure that all billing information is correct. You want to make sure that the zip code you entered matches the zip code on file for your billing address.  Second, be sure to check the expiration date and card verification numbers on your card. Also, please be aware that we only accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa for credit card payment.

    If you are still receiving an error message and you feel that all of the information you are entering is correct, you may wish to contact your bank for further details.  If you are using a debit card it's possible you may need to adjust your credit limit for larger purchases.  At any point though you may contact us on 0508 200 300 between Monday and Friday 9am - 5pm for further assistance.
  • If my order didn’t go through, why does it look like my credit card was charged?

    What you are likely seeing is what is called a ‘Pending’ Charge.  This is the bank’s authorisation that there are enough funds available to place your order.  The only thing your bank is verifying is that the credit card entered has the funds. 

    We validate the billing address and card verification id for your own protection to try and ensure that the card is not being used fraudulently.  As long as the credit card number is valid a ‘Pending’ charge will appear to hold those funds.  Your card only gets charged when the actual product ships.  ‘Pending’ charges will usually be removed from your card within 3-4 business days. 

    In the event that you tried unsuccessfully to place an order and have several pending charges contact us on  0508 200 300 between Monday and Friday 9am - 5pm and we will look into having these removed.

  • How do I change my login information?

    You can update stored information in your account at any time. To view or change your existing account information, password or subscription status, please sign in to “My Account” using your current e-mail address and password. In “My Account” you can edit any of your saved account information.

  • Can I see a record of my transactions?

    You can check your order history online in the ‘My Orders’ area of your account. All of the details regarding these purchases will be conveniently stored for you in an organized listing.

  • Can I modify or cancel my order once it is submitted?

    Unfortunately once an order has been placed, we cannot modify the order. If you wish to cancel your order, you may contact us on 0508 200 300 between Monday and Friday 9am - 5pm and if the order has not yet been processed, we may be able to cancel on your behalf.

  • Do you offer coupon codes?

    From time to time we may have special offers and will offer coupon/discount codes for use in the checkout process.  To learn of these upcoming offers please create an account and sign up for our newsletter.

  • Do you offer price matching?

    We strive to always offer our customers the best value for our product.

    Kenwood by New Zealand Commerce Commission guidelines set a recommended retail price (RRP). Recommended retail price is suggested only and our retailers by law are not obliged to comply with this pricing.

    From time to time our retail partners may offer temporary markdowns or discounts but we do not match those prices.

    Additionally please note our prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

  • Do you charge sales tax on any item?

    All prices listed are inclusive of the Goods and Services Tax

  • What are your shipping options and rates?

    Where We Ship To:

    Note: We currently do not ship to PO Boxes.

    We deliver to all areas in New Zealand.

    You can ship to another address besides your own. When prompted to fill out shipping information, specify the shipping address you wish to send your purchase. When prompted for the billing address, fill out your own address.

    We currently do not ship to PO Boxes.

    Shipping Cost:

    Shipping rates are calculated according to the total purchase price of your order. Each address you instruct us to ship to, including gift-recipient addresses, is considered a separate order and is subject to applicable shipping charges.

    Total Order PriceDelivery Charge
    Less than $150 $5.99 including GST
    $150 or more Free Delivery

    The estimated time for delivery will be between 2 to 7 business days.

    Note: Delivery is Monday to Friday, we do not currently offer weekend delivery.

    After you complete your transaction on, an e-mail containing the order confirmation number will be sent to your specified e-mail address.

  • Do you ship to addresses outside New Zealand?

    Currently, we ship solely to New Zealand.

    If you are a Kenwood lover living outside New Zealand, please check your applicable country/language website for details on where to buy.

  • Can I place an order if I live outside New Zealand?

    At the present time we can only accept orders where the credit card billing and the shipping addresses are both in New Zealand.  We are hoping to add online shopping capabilities to our other country websites so please continue to check back.  In the meantime, you can visit the 'Where to Buy' section on our other market websites to determine if there is a local retailer near you or alternative online shopping websites.

  • What are the order statuses in 'My Orders'?

    The order statuses you will see in 'My Orders' under 'My Account' are:

    • Processing: Your order has been received and the warehouse is prepariing for shipment
    • Shipped: Your order has been shipped and the tracking information is available
    • Cancelled:Your order has been cancelled either via customer request or because there was an issue with fulfillment (if the order is cancelled by Kenwood you will be notified separately)
  • Why do I need to provide my email address for Guest Checkout?

    We request an email address for guest checkout so that we can email you your order confirmation and shipment confirmation.   It is for your convenience and we do not store the information for any other purposes.

  • Can I ship to an address other than my own?

    Yes, you can ship to another address besides your own. When prompted to fill out shipping information, specify the shipping address you wish to send your purchase. When prompted for the billing address, fill out your own address.

  • What is your Return Policy?

    If your goods remain boxed and unopened you may return them within 30 days for a full refund on the price of the product(s) returned less the shipping fee.

    If you notice any damage to your goods please notify customer support at the time of delivery. We recommend you thoroughly inspect your goods at this time. If you notice any damage to your goods within 24 hours of receiving delivery please notify us immediately by contacting customer support on 0508 200 300 between Monday and Friday 9am - 5pm or use our contact form, evidence of damage may be required i.e. photographs.

    If your goods are deemed faulty within a reasonable period we may replace them free of charge or refer you to your nearest approved service centre.

    We will organise for your return goods to be collected. All returned goods must be packaged / boxed correctly to enable pick up, unpackaged / unboxed goods will not be picked up. Goods are usually collected within 5 days from date of DeLonghi receiving notification of goods requiring return.

    You as the customer have a duty of care for the product whilst it is in your possession. If products are damaged by you and subsequently returned, a charge will be made to repair the product to its original condition. Please be aware that where repair is not economically viable no refund will be made.

    All refunds will be issued when goods have arrived back to our warehouse and have been inspected by us. Refunds will be made by the same method used for the purchase.

    Please refer to our full returns policy here

  • How long does it take to get my refund?

    We want you to receive your exchange or refund ASAP.  You can expect your refund/exchange to process within approximately 7 to 10 business days of us receiving your merchandise. Your banking institution may require additional days to process and post this transaction to your account once they have received the refund information from Kenwood. Please allow 1-2 billing cycles from the day you return your package for your account to be credited.

  • What should I do if there is a shipping error or I receive damaged merchandise?


    In the event that we processed an order incorrectly or sent an incorrect or damaged item, we will gladly replace or take back that item for a full refund at our expense. Please contact customer support on 0508 200 300 between Monday and Friday 9am - 5pm or use our contact form and we will guide you through the process.

  • Can I return an item to a retailer that carries your product?

    Our retail partners will not accept returns for product not purchased from their physical or online stores.  You must return purchases made on through our return process.

  • What is the Red Dot Design Award?

    The Red Dot Design Award is an international product design prize awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen Germany.  We are extremely proud that our Kenwood Cooking Chef was honoured in 2010.

  • Is gift packaging available?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer gift wrapping or gift cards at this time, but we are always looking to make improvements and hope to offer these option in the very near future.

  • What are "Clearance Stock" Products?

    All of our "Clearance Stock" products are brand new products in perfect working order.

    A "Clearance Stock" product is a superseded, run out or end of line model.

    Please Note: Products that are "Clearance Stock" do have the same warranty as new products, as listed on our Warranty Page.

  • What forms of payment are accepted online? accepts the following forms of payment: MasterCard, Visa and PayPal. Your credit card will be charged the day the merchandise is shipped. We currently do not accept cheques, cash or money orders.

    PLEASE NOTE: Do not close your browser after completion of payment in PayPal as you will be redirected back to the Kenwood website for your order confirmation. If you close your web browser before you are returned to the Kenwood website, your order will NOT be lodged in our system.

  • How can I use PayPal?

    Select PayPal as the payment method and follow the onscreen instructions. You will be redirected to PayPal where you need to choose the PayPal funding source you wish to use for your order.

    You will then receive 2 emails, 1 from PayPal to confirm your payment and 1 from Kenwood to confirm your order.

  • Can I use PayPal without opening a PayPal account?

    You can now pay with PayPal without the need to open an account. This means PayPal will not hold onto your details after purchase. PayPal will limit the number of account free transactions to 10.

  • PayPal errors?

    Unfortunately sometimes there are problems creating or processing PayPal Orders. Here are some of the errors you might receive while creating your order:

    • If you are redirected to an error page or do not receive an order confirmation email from us then it is likely that an error prevented the creation of the order at Kenwood. If you are not sure please log into your Kenwood customer account. If the order does not appear there within 5 minutes then it was not successfully created. If you receive an email from PayPal stating that you have paid for your order but do not receive an email from Kenwood, please log into your account and check that the order was successfully created there. If it was not please Contact Us quoting your name, Kenwood account email address, paypal account email address, the items that you ordered and any vouchers that you used. We will then be able to recreate the order and find your PayPal payment to link it to.
    • If using Switch/Maestro with PayPal: While you are placing your order when you are redirected to PayPal they put you in a loop asking for your card details which are already registered with them and you have used with PayPal before. Even if you re-enter the details it brings up another error message. PayPal have suggested entering the details of a different card. If you need further help with this problem please contact PayPal.
    • 'The buyer is restricted' - PayPal have placed restrictions on your account and we are unable to proceed with your order. Please contact PayPal to resolve this issue with them. Alternatively you may change your payment method and pay by card directly to Kenwood.
    • 'The buyer cannot pay, transaction rejected' - PayPal believes you are unable to pay for your order. Please contact PayPal and then let us know when the issue is resolved and we can retry to process your order. Alternatively you may change your payment method and pay by card directly to Kenwood.
    • 'The funding source is missing' - The funding source you chose to use to pay for your order is no longer connected to your PayPal account or your order. Please contact PayPal to resolve the issue. Alternatively you may change your payment method and pay by card directly to Kenwood.
    • 'Transaction refused due to risk model of the buyer' - PayPal have run a risk model against your account for security reasons and believe your account may be high risk and will not allow us to proceed with your order. Please contact PayPal to resolve this issue. Alternatively you may change your payment method and pay by card directly to Kenwood.
  • How Do The Promotion Codes Work?

    If you have a "Promotion Code", this is how to use it.

    After adding the products you want to purchase to your basket:

    1. On the "Your Basket" page type the promotion code into the "Promotion Code" text entry field
    2. Click the "Apply Code" button
    3. After the above two steps the page will reload and any discounts will be listed against all applicable products and under the subtotal

    Note: It is the customers responsibility to confirm the discounts they are expecting from the "Promotion Code" are applied to all expected products BEFORE they click the "Checkout" button. Promotional codes cannot be applied after an order has been placed.

    Promotion Code Terms and Conditions

    Only one promotional code can be applied per order (promotion codes cannot be used on the same order as any other promotion code).

    The "THANKS10" promotion code is not applicable to "Factory Seconds" or "Clearance Stock" products.

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