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  • After the appliance is plugged in and the power button is pressed, no indicators are lit. What should I do?

    Check that the plug is inserted correctly and that the power is switched on. Where fitted check the plug fuse.
  • Are there any differences between induction cooking and regular hob cooking?

    As this induction hob operates slightly differently to a traditional hob, some adjustments to the expected cooking times and temperatures may be necessary to achieve the desired results. To reduce the cooking time, you can turn the power control to the max position when you turn the appliance on. After a short time you can set the power control to the required position. After a short period of use, experience will teach you which setting is the right one for your needs. Pan contents heat more quickly with an induction hob.
  • How do I clean my induction hob?

    Always switch off, unplug and allow to cool before cleaning. -Hob plate, body and control panel -Wipe with a soft damp cloth or non-abrasive cleaner and dry thoroughly. Ensure all traces of cleaner are removed. Do not use abrasive or scouring detergents/powders, scouring pads or steel wool as they will damage the control panel. -Dust, fat and liquids from food that has boiled over must be removed as soon as possible. If they are allowed to harden they become increasingly difficult to remove. Do not use a sharp knife or other sharp utensil as these may damage the hob plate or control panel. Air entry and air vent -After long periods of use dirt and dust may accumulate in the air entry or air vent. Clean with a soft flexible brush. Never wash using water.
  • How do I know if I can use my pans?

    Only use flat bottomed pans that are suitable for induction hob use. If in doubt, check with the manufacturer of your pans. If they are unsuitable the induction hob will not detect the pan. The induction hob is suitable for pans with a base diameter of 12 – 22cm. Metal cooking utensils are not recommended since they can be heated through the induction hob if left in the pan during cooking.
  • How do I set the timer?

    When the timer button is pressed it will light up, the appliance will beep, the LED display flashes and shows “00:00”. Set the time using the “+” or “-” button, “+” will increase the time by 1 minute, “-” will decrease the time by 1 minute. To quickly set the time in 10 minute increments hold the “+” or “-” button down. This should be done within 5 seconds of pressing the timer button or the LED display will default back to ––:––. The timer range is 1 minute - 3 hours. Once the timer has been set the LED display will flash. Select the desired power level within 5 seconds (if not timing will not begin and the appliance will automatically turn off within 2 minutes). The display will then count down (indicated by the colon flashing) and heating will begin. After the set time has been reached, the appliance will turn off. To cancel timing during the count down, press the timer button. It will continue heating unless it is switched off.
  • The power button indicator lights up, but heating does not start when power control is adjusted. What should I do?

    Check that pan is present, that it is suitable for the appliance and that it is centrally located.
  • What safety features does the induction hob have?

    The induction hob will turn off if it is not operated in two minutes. In use, unless a suitable pan of at least 12cm diameter is used a beep will sound for approximately 1 minute. If an appropriate pan is not placed onto the surface in this time the induction hob automatically turns off. If the appliance overheats or pans boil dry, the induction hob automatically enters a protective condition where its heating is then regulated. If the overheating continues, the appliance may display a protection code (see troubleshooting guide). During use if there are problems with the mains supply, the induction hob automatically enters a protective state and displays a protection code. Unplug the appliance and wait for supply to return to normal. If the induction hob is in operation and no button is pressed it has an automatic switch-off in accordance with the times in the table below, (except or when timing program exceeds 2 hours). Once the pan is moved away the hob plate will stop heating.

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