The Chef Sense KVC5000T

Surprising and delighting family and friends with your home baking skills is now even easier than you might think. The new Kenwood Chef Sense has been redesigned and reengineered to guarantee that you get amazing results, every time.

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Best in bowl

The new Chef Sense features a 4.6 litre stainless steel mixing bowl with graduations for easy measuring, so you can pour your ingredients straight into the bowl with no fuss. Everything, from the built-in bowl handles to the easy fit splashguard with extra large feed chute, is designed to be effortless and easy to use.

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Dedicated bowl tools for every bake

The Chef Sense comes complete with 5 dedicated bowl tools to help you bake all your favourites.

  • The folding tool gently glides through the mixture incorporating heavy ingredients into light aerated ingredients, whilst maintaining the maximum amount of air for perfect texture.
  • The creaming beater, made of soft plastic, scrapes the surface of the bowl like a spatula providing a smooth consistent texture.
  • The unique k-beater reaches every area of the bowl and is perfect for mixing dry ingredients or crushing biscuits for cheesecakes.
  • The balloon whisk is specially shaped to trap air while mixing and is ideal for making swiss rolls or fluffy sponges.
  • The dough hook is designed to take all the hard work out of kneading bread and is great for making those tougher doughs such as brioche, stolen or pizza bases.

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20+ attachments and a world of possibilities

Transform your Chef Sense into a true all round kitchen machine with the wide range of optional attachments available. Make homemade pasta, juice everything from oranges to carrots or prepare fresh beef burgers, all with just one machine.

And now for the first time, use our newly designed popular food processor attachment with your Chef Sense machine to cook up delicious stir fries or sauces.

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Super easy-to-use

New and improved features make everything you create with the Chef Sense effortless; baking with your kids has never been more fun. Intelligent speed control allows for perfect mixing every time, gradually increasing the speed of the 1100W motor from soft start to full speed to give you total control and reduce mess.  In addition, the simple touch head lift lever allows you to access the bowl with a single touch.

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Need more? Try the Chef Sense XL 

Need to bake a bigger cake? Have a large family you enjoy cooking for? Or just need a bit more power? No problem, the Chef Sense XL has all the great features of the Chef Sense, plus a more powerful 1200W motor and a generous 6.7 litre bowl that is perfect for those who want that little bit extra. 

Discover the Chef Sense XL

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