The Chef Steamer Basket

The steamer basket sits in the main bowl and can be used for steaming fish, chicken and vegetables. Both the temperature and the speed control will need to be set in order to activate the heat even though there are no bowl tools to be fitted. The splashguard acts like a lid and should be fitted, with the chute cover closed, in order to steam food.

At least 500 to 650mls of water needs to be added to the bowl for steaming depending on the food you are cooking, for example, chicken will need more water to cook thoroughly.

The steamer basket comes in two parts, metal base and plastic outer ring. This makes it easier to clean but also makes it easier to remove fish in one piece.

The outer ring needs to be placed into the metal base so that the ribs in the plastic ring line up with the four cut-outs on the metal base. The handles then clip over the ribs and lock into place. The Spatula can be used to remove food.

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