The stylish kFLEX will not only look great on your kitchen counter, but will save you space too. It has just one base that works across three different attachments – mixing bowl, food processor and blender, making it extremely versatile.

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Baking has never been easier. With kFLEX, you can mix dough and batter with the dough tool, cream cake mix with the creaming beater and whisk egg whites with the whisk. This is all done in the specially designed, 1.5L baking bowl – perfect for helping you create more advanced and inspiring recipes.

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The food processor is ideal for creative shortcuts. The 3L bowl ensures you have the capacity you need, and the discs will do anything from slicing vegetables for salad to grating cheese, making it easier for you to create exciting dishes. You can even make freshly squeezed fruit juice with the citrus press.

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The 1.5L blender easily crushes ice for your favourite smoothie, whizzes up a lovely cocktail, and blends smooth soups and purees.

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The finishing touches

kFLEX has integrated scales, meaning it’ll tell you when you’ve reached your required amount. Additionally, the built-in timer will monitor the mixing of dough and batter for improved results.