Award Winning Design

The Red Dot and iF awards are global design competitions which recognize the very best in product design. With more than 7,000 submissions from 60 countries, the international Red Dot design award ranks among the largest and most renowned design competitions in the world.

The award is as a seal of quality; it stands for membership of the best in design and business. The iF award was inaugurated in 1953 and since then has been an enduring, prestigious trademark for outstanding design.

Kenwood have also been successful in the Plus X award competition that recognizes top class products. Within the categories innovation, design, ease of use, ergonomics and ecology, winning products show 'innovative power, excellent design, extreme ease of use, ecologically meaningful efficiency and well thought-out ergonomics'.

Kenwood's continued success in these awards is recognition of its high quality of design.

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Red Dot product design award for:

  • Handblender kMix series
  • Multi-pro Compact FP250
  • Honourable Mention Virtu TTM312 Toaster
  • Titanium kitchen machine KM020
  • Prospero kitchen machine KM266
  • Eon juicer JE900
  • Semi-pro toaster TT930
  • Ellipsis blender BL745
  • Eon toaster TT900

IF product design award for:

  • Prospero kitchen machine KM266
  • Kitchen machine KMM750
  • Eon coffee maker CM901
  • Puresse water filter kettle WK980
  • Multi-pro food processor FP920

Plus-X award for:

  • Eon espresso coffee maker ES630 (for Design)
  • Food steamer FS560 (for Functionality)
  • Sovereign kitchen machine KM001
  • Multi-pro food processor FP920

To support the achievement of this policy Kenwood will operate a Quality Management System, which satisfies the requirements of ISO9001; applicable regulatory requirements; and, Kenwood own in-house standards and specifications.


KENWOOD product performance and quality of materials ensure that the products will last for many years and wont let you down.


60 years of dedicated focus on the technology and skills required in food preperation has resulted in a peerless core competence for


KENWOOD products have simple designs with classic forms and do not conform to fashion trends. This gives them a timeless look which reinforces their superior durability