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Mother's Day - made with love and Kenwood

Whether you're looking to buy a special gift or make something delicious, Kenwood offers everything you need to make this Mother’s Day a memorable one.

Want to make something special?

With a Kenwood by your side, anything is possible this Mother’s Day. Explore some of our favourite homemade treats and gifts.

Explore some of our best gift ideas

Inspire her culinary creativity with a Kitchen Machine. Making delicious dishes has never been so easy. Plus the 25 optional attachments will enable her to explore a world of food possibilities.
Give the gift of time with one of our Food Processors. They will quickly and effortlessly chop, slice, grate, knead and whisk ingredients, leaving more time for those finishing touches.
The handy appliance for whipping up sauces, smoothies and even dessert, a Hand Blender is a kitchen essential. They’re convenient, easy to use and make light work of even the toughest ingredients.