Cooking Chef KCC9060S

  • Automatic Cooking Programs

    Automatic Cooking Programs

    For a more instinctive experience the Kenwood Cooking Chef now includes  23 pre-programmed settings for a variety of dishes both savoury and sweet.  The easy to use programs will automatically change temperature, adjust stir intervals and power in the background while you plan the next steps of your recipe.

  • Additional Attachments

    Additional Attachments

    With up to 24 additional attachments including food processor, blender, meat grinder and pasta maker, it’s clear to see Cooking Chef is the ultimate support act for the truly passionate cook. 

  • 6.7 Litres Capacity

    6.7 Litres Capacity

    With a 3L working capacity to serve up to 10 people

  • Temperature and timing

    Temperature and timing

    The Cooking Chef is even more adaptable.  Temperature range of 20°C-180°C. The ability  to complete a wide range of cooking tasks from slow cooking at a lower temperature for an increased cooking time, through to frying at high temperatures for a shorter cooking time.